Comic Book Saga!

In a world where 95% of the world have developed special powers, superheroes that people once imagined and inspired to be have become a reality. People develop their powers and go through specialized schools to become the worlds needed heroes and compete in popularity while saving people.

You are just a younger person with a power that only you can tame, tone and master. Going through the time in school, getting a license and defeating villains and criminals while climbing higher in the ranks of heroes and becoming stronger.

Up to 12 people will enter the prestigious hero school UHAS to learn to use you powers and become stronger and eventually become a real hero!

Every so often the school year will end, people will pass on to the next grade, flunk out, and new people will start training on their path to become a hero.

Create a balanced creature with 1 or 2 CMC and a max of 2 colors. (It can be fantasy themed but try to make it like a superhero in-training)

Heroes will be able to get stronger after they go through more training and upgrades will be given.

Heroes must choose (During Real World Training) a theme and be sticked with throughout their time as a hero.

A core color must remain throughout all versions and signature cards.

Create your hero with the guidelines above. (No signatures yet)
Give a short story and an explanation of the hero's powers.
Special Case: You may enter a hero with no powers to try and be enrolled, only one of these will be chosen max and they may not get in otherwise.

Fun Fact: Here, powerless heroes are called Vigilantes

First Year:
After 12 people are chosen (Best 12 if more than 12 are given before the deadline, first 12 otherwise) classes will start.
Classes are story and card challenges presented.

After these challenges, more information will be given as needed. Comment any questions you have.


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