Saga Master's Tournament

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(Taken from the tournament ideas of Jonteman, TenebrisNemo, and kandra127. Also keeps me content until I am the officially named Saga Master and when I eventually get to run a Tournament of Champions.)

You have come here willingly but your exit will not be as easy. You have heard rumors of a distant land only accessed by a special magic. A fabled tournament is held here by one known only as the "Saga Master" and you want to win the tournament. After traveling to a location seemingly put into your mind by an unknown force, you are whisked away through the Blind Eternities to a town unknown to you. You figure out that you have arrived at the location of the tournament. This is your chance to prove your glory to the plane and bring it home with you!

Welcome to the Saga Master's Tournament and the plane of Bravaria! This is another tournament based saga where fighters will compete with the goal of achieving absolute victory over your opponents. Put forth your champion and the story with them and compete against others willing to risk their lives to win. 32 people will enter the tournament with only one coming out the winning end.

Rules (Basically the Same):
-Create a creature or legendary creature with a CMC of 0, 1, 2, or 3.
-After each winning match, your character will grow stronger (its mana cost will increase) and a new, more powerful card will be created with the stronger character for each level.
-Characters can change colors each level but must have a core color that is always there.
-Write a 1-3 comment story of your character's origins.
-Characters of a higher level must be similar to their earlier versions. Main abilities must be the same or similar, secondary abilities may be removed or added. Make it look like it's improving.
-Champions must be balanced.
- Champions may be replaced/remade but only before the first deadline.
- Old cards are allowed as long as they match the requirements.

Pre- first stage:
The draft period will be 2 weeks at minimum, this may be increased if the desired quantity of characters is not reached.
If the number of characters is odd a knockout competition will occur where the "best" champions will be taken to the tournament.

First stage:
When the 166 fighters have been chosen, The positions will randomized.
Champions will then fight in different arenas where the winners are founf through different factors.

Mana cost for the stages are as follows:
In the First Round you will have: 3 mana 1 signature
In the Second Round you will have: 5 mana 1 signature
In the Third Round you will have: 5 mana 2 signatures
In the Fourth Round you will have: 7 mana 2 Signatures
In the Fifth Round you will have: 7 Mana 3 Signatures

You may create a signature card that goes with your fighter with the same CMC restrictions.

What special about this tournament?

This tournament will focus on a lot of story in addition to the cards made. Each match will be held in different places on the plane and as the tournament goes on, people in it will help move the story and build the world. Each fight and the stories around those fights will have different factors depending on where the characters are.


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