Star Wars: The Universe in Your Hands

Welcome to my 6th contest. This contest is about the Star Wars Universe (obviously), and as such, you will be tasked with creating Star Wars themed cards. This contest will be broken down into several different categories that everyone will compete in (will be listed below). There will be prizes, and they awarded in each category. Now without further ado, lets get into the rules.

*Cards submitted must match the Color specifications for the Category in session.
*Only cards from or inspired by the Star Wars movies, games and books will be allowed.
*The exception to the above rule is the Extended Universe Category.
*Cards must include a Star Wars themed picture (pictures that are close or are an interpretive style of Star Wars will be accepted).

With that out of the way, here is a list of the Categories that will be used.
*Old Republic: White, Blue, Red X-Finished-X
*Sith Empire: Blue, Black, Red -In Session-
*Mandalorians: White, Black, Red
*Hutts: Black, Red, Green
*Republic: White, Red, Green
*Confederacy: Blue, Black, Red
*Rebellion: White, Blue, Green
*Empire: White, Black, Red
*Jedi: White, Blue
*Sith: Blue, Black
*Clones: White, Red
*Droids: Blue, Red
*Bounty Hunters: Red, Green
*Pirates: Black, Red
*Gungans: Blue, Green
*Ewoks: Green and White
*Extended Universe

And finally, the prizes to be handed out in each Category.
*1st place: 5 Faves+Follow
*2nd place: 4 Faves+Follow
*3rd place: 3 faves
*Best Art: 2 Faves
*Most Powerful: 2 Faves
*Best Themed (by Category): 2 Faves
*Most Creative: 2 Faves
*Revan’s Pick: 3 Faves

Good Luck, and may the Force be with you.

If you would like to suggest a color scheme and a faction that it would pertain to, please feel free to do so.

(There may be changes made. If so, I will post in the comments and direct you to check the main page for updates.)


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