War of the Spark Speculation



  • O, captain, my captain.
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  • @pjbear

    I'm pretty sure we knew 90% of that already.
  • @Arceus8523 Yes but it's giving us the new character.

    I also called it way back in HOU that the Eternals would be on Ravnica. The Ravnica part was a wild guess, but it is happening!!!
  • I already have an idea as to how they're going to put in his magic "borrowing" ability. A -X that lets another planeswalker's ability happen, where X is the devotion change thing. Not quite sure about the phraseology, but it makes sense.
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    @Ranshi922 Is it just me or Davriel looks like Freddie Mercury?

    Yup, it's necromancer Freddie Mercury. His voice is too fabulous that people would awaken from their grave only to attend his concert.

    11/10 too frickin fabulous.
  • Just a bit.
  • I wish they do some "recent sparked" planeswalker like they did on Origins, but, with two abilities and on the rare slot, like this:


  • @pjbear2005

    I read all of that info on the MTG wiki a while ago.
  • Ugin? Uginnnnnnn!
  • Limited will be terrible since every pack will have a planeswalker, even if there's a ton of planeswalker hate at common/uncommon.
  • I thought that the every pack thing had to do with the mythic edition.
  • There are multiple theories being thrown out there. I just wish Sorin wasn't stuck in a rock lol. But at least he's safe (unless some weird twist in the story plot happens to free Sorin!)

    Very unlikely Garruk will make an appearance, but this would definitely get his attention with so many planeswalkers in one place!

    I'm willing to bet Tezzeret won't survive. He has too many important artifacts for Nicol Bolas. He's definitely in danger of dying.

    Vraska might go out in a blaze of glory too, unfortunately. I dont want to see her die, but I think this ties into her story with Jace.

    Oh yeah, magic the gathering's poster boy/mascot, their own "Mario" of sorts, you know, Jace? Yeah... It's a safe bet he will survive.

    Liliana and Ugin will be the most interesting. Tibalt isgoing to be involved too. Hey, hemight get a better card!

    If your a edh/commander player, The Chain Veil should be high on your wish list if you don't already own it, and plan to incorporate cards coming in this new set. I would also get Contagion Clasp/Engine as well!
  • I'm hoping Davriel gets more attention after this as well.
  • Mark Rosewater stated that there will be 11 main planeswalker characters in War and we know 9 of them very well already
  • One of them is the shield mage new guy.
  • There is also Aminatou
  • Aminatou did not appear to be among the stained glass planeswalkers, so her presence will be unlikely.
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