Phylectians, The New Settlers (Art Challenge)

Races! These define a large portion of who someone is in games like DnD and Mtg, though, I've seen recently a lack of new ones. As a result, I made one! And if you join this challenge, you can say you helped!

Phylectians. (Fie-Lek-Tee-Ens) The race I created not to long ago, and what you'll be drawing for this challenge (probably). Short and sweet I want you to draw (or paint, pixelize, etc) something regarding Phylectians, preferably a Phylectian itself, and make a card out of it.

"What is a Phylectian though?!"

Glad you asked! I was going to make a website to better organize the data but... I'm kinda bad at that. So instead, here's a link to the google doc! Warning: It's a lot to read. (Also! If you want to just see WHAT they are aesthetically and such, skip to the bottom portion, that's where they reside) Keep in mind, each Phylectian varies in how human they are, though most are more human than insect in general appearance. Most, not all.


Now, rules.

- The art must depict something relating to the Phylectians in some way. Again, an actual Phylectian may be your best shot for at least one card.
- The art must be your own.
- Keep the images PG-13.
- No joke cards. (Sorry!)
- Any amount of entries allowed! (Though, quality trumps quantity)

1st - A spot in the hall of fame, and 4 favorites of your choice, and your winning card will be Featured.
2nd - A spot in the hall of fame and 3 favorites of your choice.
3rd - A spot in the hall of fame and 2 favorites of your choice.

Note: I will be utilizing the art from the challenge on websites where I spread the Phylectians, so if you don't want me to do so or want me to reference a specific account, let me know. Regardless, PLEASE put the art by itself in your submission alongside the card, it'd make judging easier.

Another note: If you want to help me in any way spread word of them or add to them, let me know. You can comment on the doc, make more art, there's plenty of ways to help. Just shoot me an email at [email protected] and I'll get to yah asap.

Now get drawing! You have until March 12th to get your submissions in. My friends Yautji Mini and @Faiths_Guide made some reference but don't let them shape you too much, be imaginative. Everyone views things differently. Now get to it! You got this. :P





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