Duos Tournament

This is a spin off of regular tournaments, because you make a legendary creature with cmc 0-3 (must be humanoid! If it ain't human, elf, dwarf or something else that is clearly humanoid, it ain't getting in.) and a spell or artifact that shows more of your character. Once you do that, make a (decent length) story about them. Once we get 16 or 32 people, I get to pair people up, put you guys in a bracket, and after that, you guys get to work with your ally. But there may or may not be a twist for the pair that wins.

Now, for some background:
This takes place in the nation of Joulik, aka the land of champions. It is currently ruled by king Dealus, who won the previous tournament. There are many ruins around that are used as arenas, and the surrounding forests are commonly used as training grounds for contestents.
Round 1: CMC 0-3, 1 support
Round 2: CMC 3-6, 1 support
Round 3: CMC 6-9, 1 support
Round 4: CMC 10, 2 supports
If any more rounds are needed, they will follow the same path
Here is a link to all the cards representing currently needed knowledge: https://mtgcardsmith.com/user/Bowler218/sets/38556


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    Uwava is the sole heir to the Graadu clan, a wealthy family of noble elves and a top student at her school. She has talent with ranged weapons and nature and has a knack for exploring in the forests near her. After she came of age, she inherited the family heirloom of a legendary bow, with this in hand she set out on another one of her adventures looking for a magic crystal in the woods.

    After adventuring for a few days, she reached a cave that held the crystal. She searched the cave till she reached the end where the crystal was. She reached out for the crystal and felt something pulse through her and knock her out. When she woke up she felt weakened and sick. When she went to a healer a disease was found.

    Ugh, I don't want to write anymore. She has a magic disease and wants to win the tournament and get more powerful.
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  • @DoctorFro because it's supposed to be a family heirloom and it has historic value, if equipped to a non-historic creature it makes it historic and something like Curator's Ward would have an effect on it.
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    Though her family wasn't prominent by any means, it was a rite of passage in the family line that when a child came to be of age, they'd compete in the land's next tournament. Inori came to be of age shortly after the previous one had concluded, which meant she had plenty of time to train.

    Inori focused on discipline above all else during her time spent preparing, and on maintaining a sharp spirit, as well as a sharp blade. When the time came for the next tournament, she set off with the same weapon each person before her had used, despite the fact all the others had also failed. The family all called it a good luck charm, and she was going to need all the luck she could get.

    (Yes, the weapon's name is ripped straight from Under Night In-Birth.)
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    Telso's Grandmother had almost told him to always uphold tradition, no matter what the cost. He had grown up in the province of Zekron, constantly prosecuted for their lifestyle.

    He belonged to the Clan Grimcsheg. He was raised in his clan, and was part of it. He was trained to be the village shaman. Trained to call the spirits of his ancestors.

    He was about to face more than he could dream of. Telso's took a deep breath and took a step forward.
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