BREACH!!!!! **Circuit Challenge**

It's my first challenge!

The point of the this challenge is to create a card that puts a creature from your hand, your library, exile or outside the game onto the battlefield.

Okay, most creature spells do that when they resolve, but you only get what you pay for.

We want to cheat the mana costs here.

Through the Breachimageimage

Chord of CallingAethermage's Touchimage

Note: these DON'T COUNT
Academy Researchers

That puts AURAS onto the battlefield, not creatures.


That gets the creature from your OPPONENT'S library, not yours.

Apprentice Necromancer

That gets the creature from your GRAVEYARD.

(Edit: the following italicized text has NOTHING to do with this contest. See Trial of Insight to learn more about what happened.)

I, as the vessel of the Eater of Dreams, would like to pass on this message from our lord


Those who understand it should PM me immediately.

Remember your dreams.

Erm... That got weird.

So put it together:

1. Create a card that puts a creature card that you own from your hand, your library, or exile onto the battlefield under your control.

That's it! No restrictions on card types or colors, old and new cards all welcome. Just don't break the color pie.

Please only submit at most 10 entries in total. I don't want to be overloaded with the work. :P

1st place: 3 favs + 1CP
2nd place: 2 favs + 3/4CP
3rd place: 1 fav + 1/2CP
Honorable Mentions: 1/4CP

Also, I will fav your entry as long as you give the creature HASTE!!!!!!1!!! (or it enters tapped and attacking).

Deadline is Feb 17, 2019.

Have fun!


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