The 1d100 Challenge

Hello everyone! I've been on the forums a little while now, so I figured why not try creating a challenge?

The rules: Pick two random numbers between one and one hundred using a random number generator, and try to design a card that uses both of the respective mechanics. You could go for three mechanics if you're feeling brave.

1-- Cumulative Upkeep
2-- Slivers
3-- Prowess or noncreature spells
4-- Deathtouch, destroy, or removal
5-- Gain Control
6-- Vigilance and/or untapping
7-- Kicker or multikicker
8-- Tribal or Lord (Doesn’t have to be a tribal spell)
9-- Fight
10-- Convoke or Improvise
11-- Addendum
12-- Choose One
13-- The number 13
14-- Legendary
15-- Afterlife
16-- Surveil or scry
17-- Jump Start
18-- Undergrowth
19-- Mentor
20-- Spectacle
21-- Monstrosity
22-- Riot
23-- Landfall
24-- Ramp or lands in general
25-- Counter a spell/The stack
26-- Life Gain
27-- Extra turns or phases
28-- Additional Costs
29-- Madness
30-- Transmute
31-- Haunt
32-- Buyback, flashback or retrace
33-- Copy
34-- Morph, Manifest, mEgAmOrPH, or face down creatures
35-- Dredge
36-- Colorless
37-- Planeswalker/Interacts with planeswalkers
38-- Clash
39-- Energy Counters
40-- Cipher
41-- Populate
42-- Overload
43-- Hybrid Mana
44-- Undying or Persist
45-- Soulbond
46-- Aura Curse
47-- Miracle
48-- Embalm or Eternalize
49-- Storm or Gravestorm
50-- Exalted
51-- Ninjutsu
52-- Double
53-- Emerge
54-- Transform
55-- Tutor/Search your library
56-- Suspend
57-- Living Weapon
58-- Fortify
59-- Awaken
60-- Exile or Exile matters
61-- Ascend
62-- Enrage
63-- Vehicle
64-- Scavenge
65-- Morbid
66-- Proliferate, graft, and or evolve
67-- Infect or Wither
68-- Delve
69-- Outlast
70-- Board wipe
71-- Evoke
72-- Regenerate
73-- Affinity
74-- Dash
75-- Battle Cry
76-- Hellbent and/or discard
77-- Cost more to cast/force player to pay/unless player pays
78-- Renown
79-- Totem Armor
80-- Champion
81-- Changeling
82-- Forecast
83-- Bushido
84-- Epic
85-- Flash
86-- Skulk
87-- -1/-1 counters matter
88-- Transfigure
89-- Soulshift or Arcane
90-- Modular
91-- Bloodthirst
92-- Ripple
93-- Noncreature Token
94-- Investigate
95-- Splice
96-- Devotion
97-- Bestow
98-- Assist, Myriad, Melee, Undaunted, or any multiplayer mechanic
99-- Return to hand
100-- Pick any custom mechanic from the Mechanix

Not all of these mechanics have to be interpreted literally. Your cards just need to incorporate them in some way. If two mechanics don’t work well together, try to think of a way to make them work, but if you can’t, you can reroll. If you get two keywords which are redundant (Like noncreature token and investigate), too easy, or boring, you can figure out a way to use them that isn’t redundant, or just reroll.

If you’re not sure what a keyword does, look it up! If you roll the same number twice, just reroll.

Cards are judged based on balance, creativity, style, and aesthetic. The deadline is February tenth, but it's probably fine if you're a bit late. I could end up extending the deadline if it's too soon. You may have up to three entries. Sorry about the long post.

Prizes are:
Third place: A follow and a favorite of your choice.
Second place: A follow and two favorites of your choice.
First place: A follow and three favorites of your choice.

Happy smithing!


  • You know, when I first saw "The d100 challenge," I thought this going to be about creating cards that use d100s as the gimmick.
  • That could actually be pretty interesting
  • Hybrid Mana and Scavenge! Perfect!
  • image First entry
  • Fools, with your frivolous games.
  • I'm ****ing game! Let's do it.
  • I got 6 & 11. Vigilance and Addendum...
  • @Ranshi922 You don’t need to make a card that has both vigilance and addendum. Just one that uses them in some way. But you can reroll if you want
  • I did already reroll. There were some effects that I did not want to touch. (Deathtouch + trample anyone?)
  • Oof, yeah. Feel free to do it until you get an actually decent combination
  • suspend... devotion... ok?
  • 33 and 26 (copy and life gain).
    This post'll be edited to include my entry as soon as I make it.
  • 73 & 99 - Affinity & Return to hand


  • I got 64, then 45 using random number generator. Scavenge and soulbond? That may actually be pretty sweet! Brb :)
  • edited February 8
    Without viewing the list I just thought of two numbers....I got

    37-- Planeswalker/Interacts with planeswalkers

    98-- Assist, Myriad, Melee, Undaunted, or any multiplayer mechanic

    Here's what I came up with


    So I came with a version of Myriad that always attacks all opponents and planeswalkers. He can make a copy of himself without legend ruling to death.
  • 27 and 54!

    Extra turns or phases and Transform...

    Wowza, that's rough.

  • 53 and 32
  • I got 85 and 6

    Vigilance/Untapping and Flash
  • image

    I originally was going to make the soulbond ability grant both creatures scavenge, but i dont think it wouldve worked out as both creatures need to be on the battlefield for the soulbond to work. Anyhow, i couldnt fit the reminder text either it looked horrible with all of it crammed, so i left the reminder text out. Anyways, it seems like a cool card to me, id play it. Oh and i also was going to make it green and black but i changed my mind. Anyhow, ill try this again when i can. This is a fun contest!
  • I love the idea of this challenge! I got 20 and 83 - so Spectacle and Bushido:

  • edited February 9
    95 and 39 - Splice and Energy Counters.


    13 and 21 - The number 13 and Monstrosity.


    (Monstrosity is a characteristic that only lingers for as long as the permanent is on the battlefield.)

    This is insanity.
  • Cool entries!

    I think I got off lucky with fight and spectacle complimenting eachother's color pie
  • This was so fun Thanks for making the contest
  • 61-- Ascend & 77-- Cost more to cast/force player to pay/unless player pays
    Oh hey white shares these two in its color identity!

  • 58-- Fortify
    63-- Vehicle
  • ok my 2nd take on the google number generator.

    79, then 22... Totem armor, then riot? wow. um ok brb?
  • edited February 10
    Ok, entry number 2:


    There's already a card that grants creatures you control riot, but i had to make it work with totem armor. so, why not have both out AND protect a creature of importance? :)
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