[RESULTS] The HALF-Great Designer Search 3 — Challenge 2: You Might As Well Tribal

Hello everyone!

It's time for our second round of...


The premise of this contest is simple:
1) It follows the original GDS3 challenges. You can find the original challenges HERE!
2) You only need to design half the cards compared to the original rules (usually going from 8-10 to 4-5 cards). I adapted the rules accordingly.
3) A little twist has been added to each challenge so people who followed the GDS3 can't come too prepared.
4) No elimination, you can skip any round or jump in at any moment.

Without further ado, let's jump to the challenge:


You can find the rules of the original challenge HERE! I took them and cut them in half:


1) You must design 4 cards.
2) Claim a creature type in the comments. First come, first served.
3) All cards you design must mechanically care about that creature type. They should not simply be the creature type.
3) You must have at least 1 instant or sorcery or enchantment, and 1 artifact or land among your cards.
4) Each rarity must be represented at least once (common, uncommon, rare, mythic rare).
5) You are allowed access to all evergreen keywords (which do not include deciduous mechanics) and up to one non-evergreen keyword if you'd like. Please do not create any new named keyword mechanic.
6) At least two different colors must be used.

But that's not all. To prevent people who already did the full original challenge from having too much of a head start, I added... a twist.


7) You must choose A CREATURE TYPE THAT DOES NOT EXIST YET BUT WOULD REQUIRE TO ERRATA AT LEAST ONE ALREADY EXISTING CARD. When you claim your creature type in the comment, please add at least one card that would be changed into the new creature type you created. Some recent example of this is the Dinosaur creature type (formerly a subtype of Beasts and Lizards).

image image image

• PHYREXIAN — bnew07
• BARD — LyndonF
• OFFICIAL — Ranshi922
• PALADIN — ArinSka
• LORD — ouser94501
• CENTIPEDES — Faiths_Guide
• WITCH — pjbear2005
• PIG — Bowler218
• LICH — Temurzoa
• SCHOLAR — bigbadbooknerd
• WYVERN — SmallJem
• GEISHA — Corwinnn
• VIKING — LuckyLooter
• CYBORG — Undead

image image image image image image image image image image image image image image


Here are some additional information for the contest:
OLD CARDS ARE: Allowed, as long as they fit within the restrictions
FORMAT: Design cards for an undefined Standard-legal set
TEXT-ONLY CARDS ARE: Allowed, but you must link the illustration that would go with it.
DEADLINE: Saturday, February 23rd (two weeks from now)
- 1st place — 5 favourites of their choice
- 2st place — 3 favourites of their choice
- 3st place — 1 favourite of their choice

Now remember, this challenge is all about mechanical flavour, find something only your creature type could do and show me how fun it would be to play with it ;) If you're lacking inspiration, I recommand looking at subsets of big existing subtypes like beasts and horrors, or a list of classes from any role-playing game, you should find dozens of ideas ^^

Anyone who wants to participate can now claim a creature type in the comments and don't forget to post at least one existing card that would be changed into this creature type if it really became true. Let the second round of the HALF-GDS3 begin! =D


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    I choose Phyrexian as my creature type!

    EDIT: Literally any Phyrexian Compleated creature could have this type.
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    I'll claim Bard!
    (e.g. Elvish Piper would be errata'd to Elf Bard. Same for Elvish Bard.)
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    I will do legendary tribal ;]
    if its allowed
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    I am in. (I presume that @Arinska is too.)

    Note: Oh god! A new creature type!?

    @Arinska, maybe you can continue Hollows that would've been Zombies?
  • @Bowler218
    Sorry, we really need a creature subtype to stay in the spirit of the original challenge, and legendary is a supertype of cards with rules baggage. So, you cannot choose legendary as your creature type, but you can create a creature type where all creatures are legendary if you'd like.
  • @ningyounk

    Are deciduous mechanics (hybrid/-1/-1 counters, etc.) allowed? The original rules did not specify
  • I am having some trouble think of things. I had something... but now... I lost it.
  • @bnew07, the rules in the first round specified that deciduous mechanics were allowed, so I would assume they're allowed this time as well.

    I am going to say Official as the creature type. I feel like people who were in charge of things were frequently made as advisors.
    Examples: Council of the Absolute, Sram, Senior Edificer, Mayor of Avabruck, etc.
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    The rules for the first challenge specifically mentionned they could use "evergreen or deciduous mechanics". This challenge specifically allowed "all evergreen mechanics and up to two non-evergreen mechanics".

    Hence, I'll call against the free use of deciduous mechanics since you can use your optional non-evergreen slot for a deciduous mechanic if you need to. But I will check if any original contestant used a deciduous mechanic once I get home, and what was the jury's reaction. If it was allowed de facto, I'll allow it. You should get a definitive answer in a few hours, for now consider it's not allowed :)

  • @ningyounk

    Fair enough, that is what I suspected.
  • @ningyounk
    What are some viable options?
  • @Bowler218, if you're talking about the creature types, you're supposed to make one.
  • Quick search on gatherer tells me there are no pig creature types. I choose pig.
  • Actually, I'm not going to do what I was recommended, although I do like that idea...

    My idea is Paladin--I feel there's a pretty heavy distinction between a cleric (more of a spellcaster type) and a paladin (a knight/warrior who relies on their faith to cast miracles mid-battle).

    My direct example would be Fiend Hunter and Court Cleric--they both are visually more warrior types and have abilities that focus more on attacking than buffing. Some of the inquisitor cards also fit the bill due to their hunting zombies, vampires, werewolves and the like, which is (at least in my eyes) a faith-focused thing.

    image image
  • I call Witch!
  • I 'll take lord, I guess. an example would be Brimaz, King Of Oreskos.
    Brimaz, King of Oreskos
  • @ouser94501, Lord is already a creature type if I recall. It was just disused.
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    Would using this list be a no-no?
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    I think I'll set the record straight on a Centipede:

    Centipedes are not insects. Centipedes have one pair of legs per body segment (which the linked cards all appear to). Centipedes aren't poisonous... millipedes are... even though WoTC seems to be confused on this point, I'll be avoiding deathtouch for my Centipede designs. I'll be in Jund colors, more-or-less by default, and will probably avoid the artifact Centipede vein as art will be harder to come by. The above cards, in addition to Ambush Krotiq, Bane of the Living, Colossapede, Ferropede, Filigree Crawler, It of the Horrid Swarm, Mortipede, Plated Geopede, Prakhata Pillar-Bug, & Spinal Centipede (perhaps even more) shall be errata'd!

    A card like Consuming Aberration would probably have errata to Centipede Horror IMHO.

    Prepare for the stampede of hundreds of tiny legs! Muahahahhaha!
  • @Bowler218
    Pig works! ^^ Can you give one existing card that you would errata to Pig?

    If other people are wondering if they can use the list of obsolete creature types, the spirit of "The Twist™" is that it prevents people who have already made the original challenge from entering with cards they designed a while ago. As they wouldn't have been able to enter the original challenge with an obsolete keyword, I'm fine if someone uses this list. The limit is that the creature type cannot be found currently in the Gatherer =)
  • Wierd. I searched it up on the gatherer and it turned up no results.
  • @bnew07
    I confirm what I said earlier, I found this design from Ari Nieh in the design challenge 2 (A Circus Act) which has the exact same restriction as challenge 1 regarding nonevergreen keywords (minus one keyword allowed):

    Clown Car (rare)
    Artifact — Vehicle
    Crew 1
    Whenever CARDNAME attacks, draw a card for each creature that crewed it this turn.

    And Mark Rosewater's answer:

    It seems you keep getting dinged for not following the rules. You were allowed one non-evergreen mechanic and you chose converge. Vehicle is deciduous and thus not evergreen.

    So deciduous mechanics are indeed not allowed, I'll edit the rules of the contest to make this clear ^^
  • @ouser94501
    The Lord creature type is now obsolete which is why it doesn't appear anymore on the Gatherer even though some cards were indeed printed with it:


    This also means that it *does* satisfy the rules of this challenge, so you're free to use the Lord creature type if you'd like :)
  • @pjbear2005
    Sure! Can you link me one existing witch you would errata?
  • Goretusk Firebeast, aside from being on fire, looks more like a pig than a boar.
  • Okay, so, what do you mean by errata? I have a vague understanding but I need this clarification. @ningyounk
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    Occasionally WoTC officially goes back to old cards and changes one or more aspects of them. These new rules, referred to as errata, are the official text of the cards moving forward and can be referenced on WoTC's MTG database.

    For more on errata:

    In this particular contest, our goal is to pretend to be WoTC and decide that some of our past creatures need updated subtypes (see my Centipede example above^).
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