Planeswalker Mania

I think it's time for a new challenge, and i'm ready to try something a little different. One thing that I noticed about my Legendary Challenge is that nobody made a legendary planeswalker, which I think are really interesting cards. That's why I am starting this challenge. your goal is to make a planeswalker. The top three winners will receive the best rewards. however, If you are not on the final list, it's okay! There will also be three honorable mentions which will receive rewards as well. This challenge will last for three weeks, and standings will be posted in this discussion each week, so stay tuned!

Lets get to the rules!

1. Your planeswalker must be an original character.
2. You may post as many planeswalkers as you want, but I will only choose one of them.
3. no credit to the artist and overpowered cards will not do as well.

The winners will receive these prizes:

First place: A follow and three favorites.
Second Place: A follow and two favorites.
Third Place: A follow and one favorite.

All honorable mentions will recieve one favorite.
If a winner receives a follow and i have already followed them from a previous challenge, then they will receive an additional two favorites.

Happy smithing!

P.S To the winners of the Legendary challenge, Your cards are coming soon! I'll post a discussion previewing your custom cards. Thanks for your patience!


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