Ignisp: An Intangible Paradise

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You've heard of legends throughout time of the plane that lies in the heart of the multiverse. Many speak of Dominaria, the very center of the multiverse, and the plane in which its very fate is predestined. However, some speak of another plane, one with no name. A paradise with no limits, a boundless sky, and endless power. You've always dreamed of going there, and your day has come. You begin your search, scouring every plane for rumors, until you find a mysterious woman, who tells you what little he can about this plane, Ignisp. Before she can warn you about it, she dissolves into nothing, leaving you alone to find out the whereabouts of this plane.

You find yourself lost in the Blind Eternities. Nothingness surrounds as you float upon an immaterial cloud of nonexistent reality. You don't know how you got here, but you can't find your way back. You can feel someone approach, and you realize that you are being chased by ephemeral beings. Frantically, you continue forward, breaking the pursuit before trying to gain your bearings. You once again find yourself lost, but this time, you are trapped, unable to advance. You decide that the best course of action is to materialize yourself and find a way in the real world.

As your body fades into reality, you find yourself on a clifftop, locked within a cage of pure magic and trapped by a mysterious mage.

"Who are you?" She inquires. You tell her that you are a lost planeswalker, looking for a mysterious plane known as Ignisp. She warns you. "You've come to the wrong place for a field trip. I wish you luck on your journey... no outsiders escape this plane alive. Welcome to Ignisp, and I hope you're brave enough to face the challenges that you may come to face here. If you want, I can keep you inside this cage for your protection, or you can risk death like the rest I have caught..."

"Is it really that bad here?" You dare ask. She responds and lowers the cage. "Look for yourself if you don't believe me, but I won't be there to save you. I know from experience..."

You peer over the cliff and come across a breathtaking view. With a clear blue sky above and below, you gaze upon a floating island. However, you look upon it, only to find four opposing forces locked in combat around a floating gemstone. Explosions erupt, weapons fall, and warriors and mages scream as they breath their last. A goblin is pierced by a stray arrow, collapsing from the wound and rolling off the edge of the sloped island, carried away by the current of a waterfall with no end. The ground beneath you begins to move, sending you towards the edge, and you nearly fall.

"The islands here shift. You'll need to get to higher ground if you plan on staying here alive. Follow me... or don't."

The ground underneath you begins to crack, and you frantically run towards the top of the mountain with the mage. However, the cliff separates from the mountain, and you get stranded upon it. You hang on for dear life as the rock begins to fall towards the island below...

Ignisp is a plane of supreme power, and the Second Nexis of the multiverse. Most people are born Ignispian planeswalkers, 1 in a thousand to be exact, but natural born planeswalkers also occur, gaining power beyond that of other planeswalkers. The plane is separated from the rest of the multiverse by a spell, said to of been performed by the mage that created it. No one can find it, and anyone who has seen it cannot speak or write about it, or else they will disappear.

Ignisp is home to the greatest source of power in the multiverse; the Coveted Shard. However, with the many gemstones that litter the nearly endless sky of Ignisp, the Coveted Shard has not been found among them. There are four factions that fight for this shard, all with their own motivations and intentions, and fighting frequently breaks out all across the plane, with fights even pouring into other planes.


{g}{u}{c}: Truriol: The Truriol are a Ignisp loving group of fighters who worship the planeswalker Patruna. They are afraid that if the Coveted Shard is found, Ignisp will be destroyed, so they attack anyone who goes near any of the many gemstone spires around Ignisp. Surprisingly, not even they know its location. They focus on mana ramp, evasion, and creating a large force without the enemy knowing.

{b}{w}{c}: Devigo: The Devigo are a heretic sect that worship the planeswalker Atgotachi. The Devigo believe that the only perfect world is one where Atgotachi controls the Coveted Shard, using its power to rebuild the fractured plane. They focus on the forbidden arts, meaning lots of extra costs, graveyard use, and cheap tricks.

{r}{w}{u}: Yuratee: The Yuratee are a secretive group who strike fast and hard, and worship the planeswalker Zetpae. The Yuratee seek to end all conflict and searches related to the Coveted Shard, and to destroy it on sight, ending the main source of conflict on Ignisp. They focus on striking with a lot of small, evasive creatures before the opponent can act.

{r}{b}{g}: Czetul: The Czetul are an iron fist group of fighters who beg for mercy at the feet of Xizi, who they worship. Xizi seeks to share the power of the Coveted Shard among her entire army, using its power as a superweapon so they can take over the entire multiverse, starting with Ignisp. They focus on amassing a powerful army of large creatures to crush their foes.

More info will come with time. Good luck planeswalker. Don't die...


  • What do I do? Also, what's {c}?
  • @Bowler218 This isn't a contest. Just an info page. Also, c stands for colorless mana, seen in sets like Battle for Zendikar.
  • Outsiders


    There are many an outsider to the plane of Ignisp. Some have sought the bounty of the plane, just like you. Others have ended up here on accident, and some have ended up here after their spark ignited, though the odds are little to none.

    {u}{c} Eglorio Shafier [Is a Planeswalker]: Matoria. A plane of scholars, who seek to uncover the mysteries of the multiverse, and home of the largest collection of multiversal information on any plane. Eglorio, the leader of one of its survey groups, sought to venture where no other planeswalker has and discover a new plane. His ventures proved unfruitful, until his team was suddenly ambushed from a portal while scouting on Matoria. Virtually his entire team, except his best friend Darvis, was killed. Enraged, the duo abandoned their station and followed them into the portal, not realizing where it led...

    Arriving on Ignisp, the duo tracked down the attackers to an outpost, controlled by the Czetul. However, they didn't know the significance of their trespass...

    {r}{w} Michio Akasaki [Not a Planeswalker]: Michio's story is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery. Hailing from parts unknown, no one seems to know where he came from or what his motives are, but he gratefully serves the Yuratee. The only member of the Yuratee who is skilled with a whip. No one on Ignisp has ever seen his face.
  • Due to a conflict in naming, Darvis’s name is now Larose. Oops...
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    Welp. An idea I had to show you just how nitty-gritty this set gets with anti-planeswalker cards. After all, with the power of planeswalkers flowing through the plane, even the merest apprentice can harness immense amounts of raw mana.

    Now, for the idea, introducing a new outsider. Mia Akasaki, the daughter to Michio, has a strange ability that allows her to block an enemy’s mana supply, which is VERY problematic when you get your power from siphoning mana from other planes,

    Mia’s Meddling

    Legendary Enchantment

    Planeswalkers are creatures that are not planeswalkers. They have no abilities, their power is equal to their converted mana cost, and their toughness is equal to their starting loyalty. The same is true for planeswalker spells in all other zones. (As long as Mia’s Meddling is on the battlefield.)

    “Oops! Did I do that?”
  • Here’s an abstract of the Plane of Ignisp. Don’t look down, or up, or whichever way leads to a fall to death...

  • The four Titan Dreadnoughts will be drawn separately at a later time, but here they are, From left to right

    (Truriol) Sarvæas the Vanished (Lower Left) Bird Spirit: The Kingdom of Rohi lies hidden in the enchanted winds of Sarvæas, if Sarvæas is not hidden herself. This bird has an aura that makes her presence illusive and cloaks the city, and it allows her to vanish entirely. Of course, when evasion is not an option, Sarvæas can create a channel of Æther by passing through objects, allowing her to unwind the existence of any being unfortunate enough to deserve her wrath.

    (Devigo) Btyrmktch the Prophesied (Bottom Center) Vampire Demon: Eons ago, two demons unknowingly made pacts with each other, and both owed each other a debt. Instead of demanding payment upon this realization, they instead merged their beings into one, so that they may serve themselves and each other eternally. Underneath their cloak lies the city of Seher, lavishing in the eternal, demonic darkness that lies within, until the branded angels and cursed heretics are needed.

    (Yuratee) Jusi the Divine (Center Right) Elder Dragon: Coiling through the sky, the mythical dragon Jusi breathes the fires of Resh, the realm that awaits those who die without honor. Upon his impenetrable scales lies the nation of Shi, which is normally peaceful unless threatened. Jusi can bestow upon his allies the Three Arts of Combat; The Aegis of Dragonscale, The Flames of Resh, and The Knowledge of All.

    (Czetul) Nome the Cruel (Top Right) Nightmare Avatar: The Czetul are not as subtle as the rest of the factions when it comes to displaying their dominance. A massive fortress lies upon Nome’s back, known as the home of the Czetul people, Prour. The Titan emits a nightmarish aura, invoking feelings of fear and defeat, and triggering thoughts of the worst to come. As for the Czetul, this aura boosts their pride. They embrace it, wearing it upon their soul as a living incarnation of the Czetul.
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