If I made a Mechanix Contest #1...!


Hello Cardsmiths, and welcome to If I made a Mechanix Contest #1...!

84 minutes ago, me, myself, and I came up with my own spin on an awesome contest series to breathe life into custom mechanic abilities that may have either not been featured in a mechanix challenge contest, or have been featured in one, but I would like to see more cards made for it!

Your task is to create a card using the following mechanics that I have hand picked from a variety of different cardsmiths. There is no other theme or focus to this contest than just that, choose what you would like to create a card for from the list below, and please credit the author of the mechanic(s) you are using!

You can find all of these mechanics here: MECHANIC ENCYCLOPEDIA FOR ALL

This challenge features abilities by the following cardsmiths: @sorinjace, @Lastjustice, @bnew07, @Ranshi922, @pjbear2005, @Faiths_Guide, @fiskerton, @dechujoh64, @TezzeretofCarmot21, and @Undead

Here is the choices to choose from for this contest!

1.) Riled - by @sorinjace

(Ability cost): Riled N. (If this creature has no +1/+1 counters on it, put N +1/+1 counter(s) on it and it deals damage equal to its power to another target creature.)

(author's note: If the ability cost has X in it, the reminder text should have "X can't be 0." added at the end of the reminder text.)

2. Subjugate by @Lastjustice

Subjugate (Each untapped creature you don't control you tap while casting this spell pays for {1}. )


3. Chivalry by @bnew07

Chivalry N (Whenever this creature attacks, you may tap an untapped creature you control with lesser power. If you do, this creature gets +N/+N until end of turn.)

(author's note: Chivalry only goes on creatures.)

4. Nimble by @Ranshi922

Nimble (If this creature would be dealt damage, flip a coin. If you win the flip, prevent that damage.)


5. Deathsight by @pjbear2005

Deathsight (Whenever a creature you control dies, scry 1)

6. Leaderless by @Faiths_Guide

Leaderless (At the beginning of your upkeep, choose a player at random. If an opponent is chosen this way, this creature attacks that player this turn if able. Otherwise, tap this creature.)


7. Finale by @fiskerton

Finale - Whenever a saga you controlled leaves the battlefield, [effect].

8. Meander by @dechujoh64

_____ meanders. (Move any number of +1/+1 counters from target creature you control onto ______.)

9. Bloodbath by @TezzeretofCarmot21

Bloodbath (Whenever a creature that was dealt combat damage by this creature this turn dies, put a +1/+1 counter on this creature.)

10. Legion by @Undead

Legion [cost] (At the beginning of your upkeep you may pay [cost], if you do create a token that's a copy of this creature.)

The following tips is borrowed from the real deal Mechanix Challenge contest:


Q) Can we change the name of a mechanic?
A) Yes (just make a note on Disqus)

Q) Can we make minor changes to the mechanics?
A) Yes

Q) Can we use the mechanic on a card but not name it?
A) If you want.

Q) Can we use the mechanic without its reminder text?
A) Yes


1. No old cards please.
2. Maximum of 20 cards. (Yes that is a large number, but consider this: If you wanted to create at least 1 card for each option, there are 10 here, so you can essentially make 2 cards for each ability featured here.) You can make more than one for any one mechanic, but the entries limit is 20.
3. Credit the mechanic's author when you post the card please.
4. No magic the gathering art please. Deviantart, Artstation are a great start.
5. Credit the artist please.
6. You can delete and edit and repost entries up until the deadline of the contest!
7. Entries are due by the end of the day (Eastern Standard Time) on Friday, March 15th 2019.


3rd place winner will get 4 favorites, a trophy, and mentioned in the hall of fame!

2nd place winner will get 5 favorites, a trophy, and mentioned in the hall of fame!

1st place winner will get 6 favorites, a trophy, and mentioned in the hall of fame!

Thats it! Happy Cardsmithing! - SJ :)


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