Group Adventures SEASON 1: Ravnica

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Remember when D&D and M:TG teamed up to make Guildmaster's Guide to Ravnica? Pepperidge Farm remembers, now Pepperidge Farm wants you, YES YOU, to make one legendary creature and their backstory, to join in an adventure party, where you will explore the plane/city of Ravnica.

There will be two categories of grading: Backstory and the Card Itself and Roles

Backstory and the Card Itself:

Grading Criteria: 1-5
1 - Completely unoriginal backstory/the card is bad
2 - Someone might like the card, but for the rest/the backstory is interesting, but only that, nothing is expanded by the card
3 - The card/backstory is great, but it falls flat somewhere down the line
4 - A couple of people might like this, but the card/backstory is JUST missing some details
5- A near perfect card/backstory, maybe misses one or two good points, but other than that I would want this person on my side

Also I want you to include your character's alignment and thus which Ravnica guild they would identify with, MAKE SURE YOU ACTUALLY KNOW WHAT YOUR ALIGNMENT MEANS, here is a list:

Boros Legion - Lawful Good
Azorius Senate - Lawful Neutral
Orzhov Syndicate - Lawful Evil
Selesnya Conclave, Simic Combine - Neutral Good
Golgari Swarm, House Dimir - Neutral Evil
Gruul Clans, Izzet League - Chaotic Neutral
Cult of Rakdos - Chaotic Evil

For this category I will grade the requirements individually, then add them up so we could see who is top dog in design.


For this you will have to identify which type of role your legendary creature will take up in the group, the roles are

The Tank

The tank is the big muscle of the group, they are meant to soak up the damage, which means you should make your card have extra toughness, even at the slight loss of your card's toughness, make your character control the aggro from enemies in some way.

EXTRA CONSIDERATION if you can make the card artificially tough, by some cool word lingo, I will give you EXTRA CONSIDERATION. (Sans, from the game Undertale, has artificial toughness due to his ability to DODGE, think of that)

Since they are tank you are not allowed to give them any keywords that allow them to act quick, AKA no Haste, Flash, or any keyword that would be characterized as something that belongs to lighter creatures in MTG.

I also want you to include in your backstory why they chose this style of fighting (a big dwarf carrying around a big warhammer would say that they prefer it because of its ability to breach)

The Fighter

The Fighter is the attacker of the group, they are meant to participate in combat offensively, which means you should make your card have extra damage, even at the slight loss of your card's toughness, make your character hinder your enemies in some way.

EXTRA CONSIDERATION if your card can do really unique effects enabled by combat

Since they are a Fighter you are not allowed to put any counters or effects that add attack to it, you can add toughness, but not attack, if someone were to say, give them +2/+3, only the +3 would effect the creature

I also want you to include in your backstory why they chose this lifestyle (Batman started fighting crime because his parents were shot)

The Healer

The Healer is the member of the group that keeps the others alive, they are meant to heal, which means you should make your card have a healing effect, even if you have to tap, make your character heal the other heroes

EXTRA CONSIDERATION if you can make the effect happen through a condition requisite, or if you can pay to add a cool effect/more healing on top of the heal

Since they are Healer you are not allowed to make it attack for heals, which means no vamp effects, in fact you want your healer to stay alive so I say you shouldn't really at all make them attack

I also want you to include in your backstory how they came to start helping people

The Support

The Support is the member of the group that helps boost the other's capabilities, which means you are able to make your character, say, give Flying, (Potion-master, maybe), even if you have to tap, make your character help the others, you can have them attack with effects as well, don't worry

EXTRA CONSIDERATION if you can make it that the Support benefits the group by stacking stuff for itself, or if you use the energy counters, or if you have it put poison counters by a non op effect

Since they are Support the only things I wouldn't want you to do is make the effect so overpowered, or else it makes things boring

I also want you to include in your backstory what their favorite spell/potion/type of magic is.

ALSO You are allowed to make heroes that combine both of these as long as it makes sense in your backstory, Olave, Simic Physician by @Mantis17 is a good example of this

The deadline for your legendary creatures is by the end of March


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    I can't help but feel that Selesnya should swap allignments with Izzet.
  • Is this going to be kind of like a saga?
  • I say Use the alignments from guildmaster's guide
  • Boros Legion - Lawful Good
    Azorius Senate - Lawful Neutral
    House Dimir- Neutral Evil
    Selesnya Conclave, Simic Combine - Neutral Good
    Golgari Swarm - Neutral Evil
    Orzhov Syndicate - Lawful Evil
    Gruul Clans, Izzet League - Chaotic Neutral
    Cult ofRakdos - Chaotic Evil
  • Eh I got some of them right
  • But yes @pjbear2005 this will be a Saga, kind of, it is going to have rounds where this one is elim, then no more elims, just point rounds, I will give tasks for the group and it will be interactive, people will make cards and I will judge them on how well they, or their character, responded in a situation, which also include ACTUALLY ACTING CHAOTIC NEUTRAL
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    But yes it will kind of be a saga, I will not tell what the endgame is'

    Now we just have to wait
  • If this is a saga, should it be in the sagas category?
  • It is not a saga, it is a contest, the first round, this one, is an elim round, then there will be points rounds
  • You forgot a Rouge or Thief class
  • nooooooo, this is group roles, not classes
  • I can MAYBE put in a Wildcard role, but I fear it wont help any of the groups
  • image

    Here is Malori, she is a support class gruul shaman.

    She was born to a guildless family, but at a young age she had a certain strength inside her revealed to everyone, it was in between strong passion and bloodlust. As she was growing up, both the Rakdos Cult and the Gruul Clans showed interest in her skill. Rakdos performers tried drawing her to their shows, while the Gruul came and helped her family and showed kindness to her. Growing up with the shamans, she looked up to their beliefs and their leaders, eventually causing her to join and learn magic herself. She got her bloodlust under control and channeled it into power that boosted the strength of her allies.

    She gets her magic from the passion inside of her and the passion from others around her, the more violence she is exposed to in a battle, the stronger her power grows.
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    Rulias joined the Boros legion after seeing his friends get bullied time after time. The day before he joined, he saw his friends getting beaten up from the bullies, and that was the time that he knew he had to do something, he ran into the middle of the group to take all of the blows. Minutes passed, and finally, he grabbed one of the bullies wrists, and punched him in the face. After that ,he got in trouble, but knew that was the right thing to do. He chose to use a sword and shield in battle, the shield to represent him protecting his friends and his sword represents him attacking the bullies that day.

    He is a tank character.
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    @Bowler218 you didn't tell me what role Rulias is, you also didn't do the extra requirement for the Tank role backstory, why they chose their weapon

    @pjbear2005 Very good card
  • @Corwinnn how do you think of this?
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    Celeborn was born to heroes of the Selesnya guild who helped protect sacred sites during a period of intense rioting. Since starting a family, Celeborn's parents gave up their martial lifestyle and took up more clerical roles in the guild. Celeborn started along this path as well, but the heroism in his blood was strong. Though devout, he spent much of his time in the training yard, practicing combat with others his age. One night, demons attacked a cathedral in Celeborn's ward. His parents urged him to the chapel to pray over the fallen, but his heart called him to the front lines. He took up a spear and told his parents. They worried for him, but knew they had raised a brave and strong boy. Celeborn fought valiantly, killing several demons single handed. The war master was impressed with what he observed and offered Celeborn a place as a soldier. Celeborn accepted. After his training, he moved quickly up the ranks and has shown his dedication to the guild time and time again.

    Celeborn is a fighter.
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    This is Kilea, an orzhov healer.
    Kilea was born into a wealthy orzhov family, both of her parents living pontiffs, and many of her ancestors were spirits at varying ranks in the hierarchy. Initially, she accepted the way of life offered to her, as the idea of immortality appealed to her. She became a high ranking priest, but, after about a decade after ascending to spirit form, she began asking questions. Is this life really this good? Wouldn't it be better to help the living? Using her healing magic, she perfected spells that drew on the power of the dead to heal the living, and then left the orzhov, to find a new, better, way of life.
  • I can fix the issues real quick.
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    @TigerGecko66 although I really like the backstory and flavor of this one, you have some MAJOR revisions needing to be done to your card, here

    Whenever a creature you control dies, place a spirit counter on Kilea, Spirit Caretaker

    (Tap symbol here): Remove two spirit counters from Kilea, Spirit Caretaker, all creatures you control get +0/+1 until end of turn.

    (1 Symbol), (Tap Symbol): Remover three spirit counters from Kilea, Spirit Caretaker, regenerate target creature

    Just because you are dead, that doesn't mean you can't help the living.
    -Kilea, Orzhov Priest.
  • Also I will give EXTRA CONSIDERATION to anyone who makes a Fighter hero
  • I think you may be missing an important member of the party: The caster, usually a role filled by wizards, sorcerers, warlocks, and, in a pinch, bards.
  • @Lujikul bards are usually support, if you want a wizard or sorcerer if they are attack oriented you can always go for Fighter, these are roles, not classes
  • @TigerGecko66 If Kilea's left the Orzhov, why has she got the Orzhov watermark?

    @EnvyReaper In your revision of Kilea, the removal of spirit counters should be part of the cost, not the effect. Also, why the tapping for both abilities? Neither one seems overly powerful.
  • @MemoryHead from just 2 counters you are able to give a little heal to all creatures you control, yes, it is powerful, also the regenerate is good as well
  • I don’t mind switching to fighter. I have a concept with the same name, almost his alternate path had he stayed Selesnya.
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    Ok then @pstmdrn I hereby grant you the ability to change your hero due to the flooding of Supports
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    Simic healer/tank

    Olave is a Simic physician/moose. Yes, a moose (represented by his adapt). This is Simic. Anyways, Olave was a healer who got himself into some crazy Simic experiments. He can now turn into a moose, and become an absolute beast of a tank. He wanted to be a healer after getting caught in a Gruul rampage and witnessing a whole lot of accidental death by trampling. Also, as a tank, his weapon is, well, himself.
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