This contest is all about making set symbols!
In this contest, I offer you 3 options to pick from:

1) Post an idea for a symbol.
Example: "Teapot"
Limit of 3 ideas per person.
1st Place - 3 faves, and the idea will be made into set symbols by us!
2nd Place - 2 faves
3rd Place - 1 fave

2) Draw a sketch of your custom set symbol.
Limit of 3 drawings per person.
1st Place - 4 faves, 1 month of premium subscription
2nd Place - 3 faves
3rd Place - 2 faves
Honorable Mention - 1 Fave
And Tomigon will make all winners' sketches into set symbols!
*You can submit your sketch by making a card with that picture(example:, or posting a link to the image(example:
*You can use any medium to draw sketches.

3) Make a complete set of your custom set symbols (from common to mythic).
The number of entries one can submit is 2.
1st Place - 5 faves, 1 month of premium subscription
2nd Place - 4 faves, 1 month of premium subscription
3rd Place - 3 faves, 1 month of premium subscription
Honorable Mention - 2 Faves
Honorable Mention - 2 Faves

If you don't know how to make the set symbols, here is some tutorials:

*How to make set symbols with Vectr:
*How to make set symbols with Photoshop:

Additional prize!
1st placers of (2) and (3) both will earn special profile avatar "Bounty Hunter". If the winner already has it, it will be given to the 2nd placer, 3rd placer, or HM

Deadline: Wednesday the 27th, 5:00 PM Eastern Time


  • I think the slashes were to separate it from the rest of the message that the draft was in...
  • Really? well anyways I hope people will come to this
  • Ideas
    - Cracked Acorn
    - Sundial
    - Mermaid
  • ooooooofffff this doesn't look well, is it possible for you guys to be able to advertise this?
  • Sure. I will tell all 7 of my twitter followers.
  • I am sad ;-;
  • Ideas:
    a hand
    a chalice
    a flute
  • I don't understand we gave them the materials why are people opting for the lowest option?
  • Because actually making a set symbol is difficult, even with the tutorial. It’s easy to have an idea, it’s difficult to put it into a visual form.
  • edited March 17
    I have a vector of this too:
    flute 2 photo Flute Symbol 1_zpshxhdlkzs.png
  • @pstmdrn, what position is the hand in?
  • @ranshi922 I was thinking like an open palm with lines like palm reading. Let me try to make one.
  • edited March 17
    Something like this, but simpler. It is beyond my ability to make this symbol myself.

    palm photo palm_zpsrm3lo1s8.png
  • edited March 14
    Because it's easier. That's why I suggested (1) and (2). You don't need to comment "bump" so often :)
  • Considering that I'm currently in the middle of agonising over what to make as a set symbol for something I'm planning, I might well enter this. I highly suspect I won't be able to do anything at all until the weekend, but still.
  • I have a question: Can the ideas also be the sketches?
  • @Ranshi922 No, not really, the reason we have the difference is that people who are less artistically inclined can still put out their set idea
  • Oh so my flute symbol entry cancels out my flute idea entry.
  • edited March 15
    Do we get the earned avatar that you only get when a set symbol is made for you? I'd really like one. (I'm an earned avatar junkie, what can I say? Lol)

    I doubt we get one, but I would like to attempt to make a set symbol, it's just technically harder for me to do because I dont have a computer or tablet of my own. @Faiths_Guide helped make the Sagara Unbound set symbol, so say I drop art and @Tomigon makes it a set symbol, will that be enough to get the earned avatar?
  • @sorinjace what are you using to type that then?
  • A smart phone
  • Sword and shield
  • edited March 16
    Quick entry meant for a "dream world"! I tried to play with the border a little, to make it more original ^^


  • @ningyounk
    Very nice! It reminds me of commander2016's symbol.
    We can explore border's design more!
  • Sketches
    1. Cat

    2. Feather

    3. Whip
  • edited March 16
    Wait a minute how was my discussion page edited by not me? @Corwinnn, was this because I put their @'s in the discussion body?
  • @sorinjace
    Check out the additional prize!
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