Liliana did nothing wrong

Honestly I don't know why some people see her as a bad guy she really isn't, sure she maybe used one or two people and is the reason why her whole family is dead, but I don't know.


  • Yeah, she didn't even willingly begin to work with Bolas, it was stated on her contract. She just didn't read the fine print.
  • People see her as one of the evil ones because she’s associated with black magic, raises the dead, and is the black planeswalker, which is commonly seen as the ‘evil’ color.
  • yeah she killed Josu in order to get rid of Belzenlok's reach near her home village, sacrificing her strength to use the Chain Veil to do so
  • It would have definitely made it easier to not refer to black as evil if they didn't make the symbol for it a freaking skull. They really should used a moon or something else to show a connection to darkness, not death. People are going naturally see skull=bad guys. That's fantasy short hand, and it's WOTC fault for picking that symbol in the first place.
  • But I think it was the connection of

    Black Magic ===> Necromancy ====> Death ====> Skull ====> Black Mana Symbol
  • Black gets a really bad rep. I am a grixis-aligned person, and i am not evil (I think).
  • I'm a WUBRG aligned person. I dabble in pretty much everything, and I am certainly evil.
  • Lol @Ranshi922 is a True Neutral at his finest
  • @Ranshi922, no no no. I am undoubtedly either chaotic evil or chaotic good. I am just an example of how any color of magic can be used as such a force.
  • Anyone remember @saveria201's contest on black doing good cards? Yeah, this just, it just reminded me of that.
  • You can be dark and gritty and still a hero...look at freaking Batman heh. Moment you throw a Skull on your outfit and start killing people you're going get the bad guy label even if you're not doing it for the wrong say the Punisher. Magic really should have picked another symbol, simple as that.
  • @Lastjustice - Now that I think about it, perhaps some kind of a crescent moon would have been good for black mana, mirroring the sun-like symbol of white mana.
  • @TenebrisNemo, well it's probably too late to change to now.
  • Liliana Vess being an anagram for "A Villainess" doesn't help either...
  • wow. thats... really... i just noticed that
  • But at least we know her intentions, unlike with Aminatou
  • Agreed. Aminatou is really creepy...
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    Mostly because everything she does is purely out of selfishness with very little regards for the consequences. Pretty much the definition of a Neutral Evil character.
  • That's not evil per se. But was it selfish when she agreed to fight Emrakul, was it selfish when she helped Jace on his little mystery quest?
  • Potentially, yes. The evil alignment can arguably be narrowed down to the philosophy of “looking out for number one.” Agreeing to fight emrakul is an act of defense for her home and own safety. It’s fairly evident that the safety of others isn’t a part of her best interests.
  • The Bible informs us that all evil actions have the same origin in selfish ambition. This selfishness comes at the cost of anything and potentially everything else and causes those unwilling to submit to God's commands to put themselves before everyone else rather than purposing to put everyone else's needs first.

    God tells us how to derive the greatest happiness and promises blessings to the doers: make yourself a servant. If you think of others and their desires as more important than you and yours, everything will be better for you. It is impossible as humans to do this constantly and perfectly, but, with God's strength, we can purpose and succeed in doing it more and more.

    The fictional character Liliana is evil because she doesn't care about the consequences of her goals and actions on those around her. Making deals with demons and raising the dead as zombies also doesn't look good on her record.
  • The Bible is an incredible work of fiction, but it is not a way to try to judge character. It calls aspects of basic human nature sinful.
  • @Ranshi922 because of the factor of original sin in the bible, have you never read Adam and Eve Ranshi?
  • I think the most important part was the last paragraph Faiths said, and let's please avoid turning this into a religious debate.
  • Bits of it. But my point is that the Bible calls lust a sin. Lust is a part of human nature because of the innate desire to keep the species alive. We are built with natural desires that have helped us survive for millennia then the Bible comes along and tells people that they’re not ok.
  • I don’t want theology to be involved with this is what I am saying. Religion is a volatile concept and a coping mechanism for many people, but it doesn’t make sense to make it the meter stick for judging one’s character.
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