Mystery Box Challenges (Substitute)

What this is
- These are endless and always ongoing, so feel free to ask for a box at any time, especially if you've never tried.
- Post that you want to open a mystery box, and I will open your mystery box. Each mystery box contains a mystery challenge and possibly a goody. These are both randomly selected.
- You must submit your card before opening another mystery box.
- You can open as many mystery boxes as you want.
- New cards only unless I specify otherwise.
- You can always edit.
- The deadline is also a mystery, no one knows when I will select a winner.
- Multiple winners per deadline. . . usually.
- Spotlight friendly.

Rewards, Prizes, and Other Goodies
- Each mystery box has a 50/50 chance of containing a prize or other fun goody.
- Favorites: Whether you win or just open lots of boxes, I award favorites, lots of favorites. If you play the Mystery Box Challenge, you will get plenty of favorites on your cards.

INTRODUCING MYSTERY GAMES, these will act as an extra fun challenge that can be played in groups!


Mystery Slots

When players participate in this, they will be asked to fulfill a mystery box challenge, then pick a spot on the Bottom Row, once all of the spots are filled, the game starts, each player will be asked to fulfill another mystery box challenge, when they complete it I will ask them where would they want to place an X on the board, possible locations are A1 or B5, for example, when everyone has done this, a random number between 1-5 will be picked, this is where the *ball* will be rolled from on the board, it will go down until it either reaches someone's spot on the bottom row or it gets stopped by an X, when it is stopped, a 50/50 flip will decide which way to go, this will repeat until the ball rolls into a person's slot, which is when they will be declared the winner and they will get their reward.



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