So what does that do again? - The Contest

Hello and welcome to the contest! The rules are simple: Make a confusing card. It can be a joke/silver bordered card or a real card, and old card or a new card. 3 entries per person.

1st: 3 favourites of your choice and 2 favourites on other people's cards of your choice.
2nd: 2 favourites of your choice
3rd: 1 favourite of your choice

This contest is more for fun than prizes, but nevertheless:
Good luck and happy smithing!

Here are some examples:
image image


  • Make cards that will make people need to reread, fun.
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    image image image
  • Is time alter just reversing the stack...
  • @DoctorFro
    It will put the stack in whatever order you want... if it resolves.
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    image image
    You don't have a combo there.
  • @AxNoodle that card is a monstrosity
  • @AxNoodle
    I think my confusing card might have confused you.
  • I am scared of Xantcha and my friends all know it. (Healer Hawk too)
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    @Faiths_Guide Why? What makes you think that? It is a real combo!
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    So I have one card, and if I have another I will post it. However, this one card took awile but was awesome:
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    Whichever player activates the ability is the controller of that ability. So Chainbreaker doesn't reduce the cost.

    The goal of the last ability is primarily to stop two things:
    Pillow Forts (...creatures can't attack you unless their controller pays...)
    Conditional Counters (Counter target spell unless its controller pays...)
  • What about ones that deal so much damage they need to reread it to comprehend it?
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  • @S1A_L8R What does Injust do and is it your mechanic?
  • ehtat doew 3hjwt again>
  • What do you mean, @Ranshi922?
  • What did I type above?
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    @Ranshi922 "What does that do again?"
    "ehtat doew 3hjwt again>"
    "ehtat doew 3hjwt again?"
    "ehtat does 3hjwt again?"
    "whtat doew 3hjwt again?"
    "what doew 3hjwt again?"
    "what does 3hjwt again?"
    "what does thjwt again?"
    "what does that again?"
    "what does that do again?"
    "What does that do again?"

    (You were close...)
  • I think it was “What does what again?”
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    does this count?
    (It should say to shuffle them into your library.)
  • @AxNoodle No, i meant Ingest sorry
  • @KorandAngels Yes, but that card is slightly useful. Try saying “discarded this way” instead of “discarded this turn” to avoid people using it usefully!
  • **NOTE**
    Silver Borders are now available!
  • @Corwinnn I was wondering when you'd add them! Great!
  • image
    This is complicated enough, but it might be to well phrased.
  • Had this idea for months now. I hesitated to actually create it until I saw this post.
  • My apologies for somehow shutting down an entire thread once I post to it. I still don't know why I have this effect.
  • I think I’ll judge this now seeing as there are no more entries.

    3rd: Map the Terrain by @bnew07
    This is a powerful card with the right setup but also balanced while making it complicated- you don’t see “for every three lands rounded down” much at all!

    2nd: Chainbreaker Hellkite by @Faiths_Guide
    As @Faiths_Guide has said before himself, Chainbreaker Hellkite’s ability is confusing if you don’t know who controls an ability.

    1st: Temporal Chaos and Time Alter by @Streamjumper and @Faiths_Guide
    image image
    I know what these cards do, but there are so many rules calls that could be made, especially with the differences in resolving the stack upside down or re-casting the stack. If these cards were in the Gatherer, the rules notices on the bottom of the card would have a lot of them!

    So, come and collect your prizes!
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