Journey for the Lost Vodian Kingdom

Welcome travelers, rulers, and warlords, to the plane of Dolberlain. Rumor has spread across the planes of a kingdom full of secrets and power. A planeswalker has offered a share of part of those riches and power if you offered the support of your civilization.

The crown kingdom of Vodia was the single controller of Dolberlain until a supernatural event caused the collapse of the kingdom. All the power still lies in the mysterious ruins of the kingdom, but beware, it is said to be both haunted and dangerous from natives, the terrain, and the supernatural forces that buried the kingdom in the first place.

To enter you must:

Create a guild with 2 or more colors. Cards for that guild must include:

A legendary creature as the leader, a creature to represent the military, a creature or enchantment to represent the politics, an instant or sorcery for the kingdom's magic, an equipment or aura for the weapons used by the kingdom, a special artifact that supports or inspires the kingdom, and up to 3 other cards.

Also create a planeswalker with at least one color in common with your guild and some kind of planar transport to transport your army.

When 8 people join, we will start the journey. If this gains popularity fast, we will do 16 people.

(Sorry about the ripoff of Colonisers, I just wanted to write a story.)

(Custom set symbols created and distributed by @EnvyReaper)


  • Ima do this.
  • I am too. if I enter in time, then good, but I might not.
  • Hmmm..... I'm already c͏ón͡q́ueri͝n̨ǵ E͟d͜g͘e͏r̢i̵m͘ in h҉ope͏s ͡o͜f t͠otál ̧c̡ơntr͘ol, but perhaps I could try a non-horror faction this time. May I join @pjbear2005 ?
  • I'm in. Cards coming soon.
  • Sign me up.
  • @Hergusbergus Sure, just wipe the hoard goo off your feet at the door
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    my faction is the peacequest:
    image image image image image
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    Here's a link to the set:

    My factions name is the Arivian adventurers.
    Colours: WUR
  • I'm in, cards to follow soon.
  • The set:

    They are demons (B/R) from the plane of Ikal. The set is not finished yet. Lore coming soon.
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    heck yea, ill do it. Working on the cards now
  • I'll probably join
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    My faction, the Amphirius Congregation, is a guild of blue and black mages, who enslave/create/hire green creatures when muscle is needed. The color themes focus on the smart-ass and arrogant side of blue, the ambitious side of black, and the primal, brutish side of green.
    image imageimage imageimage image image
    Extra card________________________________ And Planeswalker.
    image image
    Karveen, the Spider-God of the Pit, turns His attention to the events in the Vodian Kingdom. Indeed, the mysterious events that led to its downfall has piqued His interest. While having no real connection with the Congregation, He will influence its actions to fit His own motives, in an attempt to satisfy His unsatiable thirst for knowledge.
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    In a distant plane in the multiverse, a massive kingdom will soon go on a journey to find lost ruins of the old Vodian Kingdom.

    Before all this started, Kaldira was a white-based kingdom. Many of their magics caused lots of life gain. This way of life prospered, until the Jarjahar invaded.

    Many of its citizens were massacred, and hope was growing thin.

    That was, until King Balthasar sought the help of two elder spirits, Boratoral and Kitasantra.

    (Other cards 1/3 and 2/3.)

    Balthasar pleaded for the spirits to merge, and they first rejected the crazy request. After seeing the carnage that the Jarjahar brought onto Kaldira, they reluctantly accepted.

    The merging took weeks, but it was a success.

    (Merge card, therefore not a submission.)

    Balthasar found that Borasantra, whenever they fought, left behind spirits of the dead from around. He proposed the idea to the populace to accept the ways of the Second Life, and let black magic mix with white magic. As a last-ditch effort, they conformed to black magic and started to summon the spirits of the dead to fight back against the Jarjahar. Balthasar's newlywed daughter, Nora, was the first to perfect spirit summoning. The military followed short after.

    (sorcery for the kingdom's magic)

    Sadly, in the final push against the Jarjahar, King Balthasar was ripped apart by a Jarjahn slicer and Nora's soul was almost harvested completely, leaving her permanently pale. The throne of the kingdom was passed to her and her spouse Polaris. Kaldira, finally at peace, now exists as a white-black kingdom that is not afraid of death.

    (Nora is leader, Polaris is other card 3/3.)

    Now, here is when the Journey for the Lost Vodian Kingdom comes into the story.

    When the rumors arrived to Kaldira, the citizens were hyped. A massive celebration erupted at the capital to honor the soldiers that were to be sent to retrieve the relics of old. The Queens themselves said they would accompany the army and the crowd went wild. (The commonfolk of Kaldira are a crazy bunch, although they do get their jobs done on time and with little mistake.)

    (special artifact that supports or inspires the kingdom)

    Before the departure, the blacksmiths worked hard on creating new armor for the soldiers, and they invented a new type of armor; one to copy Polris’ damage-bouncing. The armor was homage to the Naldorith, the valiant knights whose souls were harvested during the final battle against the Jarjahar.

    (equipment or aura for the weapons used by the kingdom)

    The military assembled and waited to leave. The soldiers of Kaldira are not afraid of death in a warmongering way, but rather it is because when they die, they will just come back in spiritual form.

    (creature to represent the military)

    Following the military are the queens and their guards. Following them are advisors for Kaldira. Polaris predicted that many other kingdoms will try to collect the riches, so she brought the Kaldiran diplomats to try and sway the rival kingdoms away, and possibly even make some allies.

    (creature or enchantment to represent the politics)

    Then, right before they entered the planar portal, something fell from the sky. The departure had to be postponed on the orders of Nora; she felt strange and powerful magic energy surging from the object. The scouts were sent to find what it was, and brought back an unconscious planeswalker. When the planeswalker came to, he said he was professor Sarlov of Edgerim. He answered to all of their questions, and decided the only way to regain strength was to learn and possibly become a Kaldiran. The queens accepted Sarlov into Kaldira, and he cleared his entire existence of Farnikan influence.

    (create a planeswalker with at least one color in common)

    Two weeks after Sarlov's arrival, the departure was in motion once again. The army marched through the portal in droves, followed by the queens, followed by the advisors, and finally followed by Sarlov himself.

    This is Kaldira. They fear neither death nor pain. What kills a Kaldiran now will eventually be killed by the same Kaldiran later. Proud of the Second Life, and proud of the first.

    (some kind of planar transport to transport your army)

    And there's my entry. Hopefully my overachievement-ness isn't an annoyance.
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    Okay! my kingdom!
    We are a kingdom of Illusionists, seers, and Dreamers our home plane is split into the Waking Realm and the Dreamscape. Our Prophet, Aukari, Dreamed of a land far away, with power and treasure ripe for the taking. Unsurprisingly, (all hail Aukari) the Vision came true. We are here. You are never safe.

    A legendary creature as the leader,

    a creature to represent the military,

    a creature or enchantment to represent the politics,

    an instant or sorcery for the kingdom's magic,

    an equipment or aura for the weapons used by the kingdom,

    a special artifact that supports or inspires the kingdom,

    and up to 3 other cards.

    Also create a planeswalker with at least one color in common with your guild.
    Teri is our spy and lieutenant. She was ejected from Clancularious, but she remains strong, and she fights for the Aukarites.

    some kind of planar transport to transport your army.
  • @kandra127 What are the citizens called?
  • (My warp)
  • 2 more entries?
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    Later than I thought, But here we are. First my leader:

  • Military Cards:




  • Cards representing politics

  • Magic:

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  • @Derain2 What is your kingdom called?
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    Supporting artifact:

  • Planeswalker:

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