Hey EVEYONE... 1st Time Post Here.

Hey I'm a huge magic and pokemon fan. I know this has prolly been done but I wanted to take my own spin on remaking the pokemon theme with the magic rules. So far this has altered the games focus to more of a creature base style but I am going to work in all the assests of MTG and pokemon moves and trainers and such. Also trying to make the cards not as kiddish. I am always looking for cool art and would love to give people credit for it. Hope you enjoy and check me out. I also can be found here...https://carneygame1784.wixsite.com/cardlogic


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    @Grimaldus, I'd be happy to help! Welcome to the forums, by the way!
  • @Ranshi922 Thanks for the help and the welcome I hope you enjoy. They are meant to be light hearted and fun with a mix of the realistic vibe.
  • Gotcha. I have a few Pokémon cards of my own if you would care to include them or draw inspiration from them.
  • I will look for sure.

    I should also say that there are two new main rules added with my set...

    Weakness: Water, Ground, Rock, etc...
    (Creatures of the listed types gain double strike against this creature.)

    Evolution (name pokemon here, example... Caterpie)
    (When you cast this creature, you may sacrifice the named card. If you do, this creature enters the battlefield with +1/+1 counters equal to the sacrificed creatures power or toughness.)
  • Other then that there is nothing crazy The colors aren't based on the MTG themes that you know... Not exactly. I tried to match the colors of MTG and make them reflect the type of pokemon... Odd thing is that the number of pokemon types are almost exact in magic color combos.
  • Good luck @Grimaldus & Welcome to the Forums
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  • @Grimaldus, wekcome to the forums!

    I'm not on the pokemon side of the spectrum so much, but I can give you some pointers to make your cards more magic in likeness.

    For example, you list weaknesses. You don't list what these weaknesses are when you posted the creature, so to a magic player, especially one such as i who have not played pokemon card games, we wont know what those weaknesses mean. To a magic player, it looks like what we call keywords. So each keyword has an effect/ability, but what does this mean for this creature? I recommend you not list the creature's weaknesses unless your going to have an effect from the word 'weaknesses'. Does this help you out any?

    Would you like to see other cards made for your project? Itd be a challenge for me personally, but it could help you greatly in your path!
  • @sorinjace
    Hey thanks for the input for sure. I do know what you mean and I have the rule for weakness on some like the Charmander and a few others that aren't up here yet just because of space on the card. I wanted to make the weakness like a core rule /keyword with the addition of types. I will be putting the rule in full on all the cards i have room for but some it's just not possible with the room.
  • They gain double strike against those types?? That's so smart!
  • @ArmisJoe

    Thanks I am trying to make it balances but still creature focused I feel the with double strike a creature will die to it's weakness but still have a chance to hit back if it's a big creature.
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