Hello, fellow cardsmiths, and welcome to MAGIC'S WORST CARDS MAKEOVER CONTEST!! I have a challenging contest for you that is very different from my normal contests. I was curious, and thought to myself, there is all this talk about the most powerful and the best cards in magic the gathering. But what about the worst? Then I did some digging. I found this article below, please follow the link for the purposes of this contest:

So after following the link, you can see what I am getting at with this contest. I am curious guys. What could you do to recreate some of the cards mentioned in that article to make them better?


1.) Pick only from the cards mentioned in the article I have provided in the above link, and recreate the card to be a better card than it actually is.
2.) You may use the same art for your card as the card you are recreating. However, if you feel awkward about using the actual card's art, you may use new art for the recreation.
3.) Please post the original card next to your submission(s) and please mention the name of the card you are recreating if you can't post the original card for any reason.
4.) No matter what art you choose, please credit the artists name.
5.) You can submit any number of entries, but 3 old cards max, new entries no limit.
6.) Deadline for this contest will be May 1st, 2019 end of the day, est, USA


Honorable mentions will get 1/4 CP!

3rd place winner will get 3 favorites, a trophy favorite, name mentioned in the hall of fame, 1/2 CP, and name on a trophy card!

2nd place winner will get 4 favorites, a trophy favorite, name mentioned in the hall of fame, 3/4 CP, and a name on a trophy card!

1st place winner will get 5 favorites, a trophy favorite, name mentioned in the hall of fame, 1 CP, and a name on a trophy card!

Happy Cardsmithing! - sorinjace :)


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    Oh, not new enough?
  • I'll allow it @Faiths_Guide, in fact, I will update the rules to allow older entries. But I want to encourage new cards, so I will put a limit of up to 3 old cards, and no limit of new cards. Thanks for being the first to drop! :)
  • *ThumbsUp*
  • btw @Faiths_Guide, I made a Giant creature today that has a similar effect on the battlefield as your card that is in the populars right now, I thought that was ironic, but really kind of cool. It's called Mourning Titan if you want to check it out.
  • @sorinjace
    Interesting! I think it could cost less (or have higher P/T) at that cost for balance.
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    @sorinjace There we go. Always thought this was an easy fix, though it may be too good.
  • @Netherin5 thanks for your entry!
  • @Faiths_Guide I'll make it cost less. Thanks for the tip.
  • @Netherin5 so that's what it was! I was disappointed that it was somewhat of a decent card :/ I'm in
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    I'm keeping the names the same for convenience (just me)
    Razor Boomerang (my version)Trapfinder's Trick (my version)
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    Do our cards have to have the same name as the original? I don't like to use the name that was already taken by a real card.
    I decided not to change the rarity and mana cost.
    In recent designs of WotC, I think green doesn't sacrifice lands like that. But I wanted to use "more forests = better card" idea. I thought about using {x} and +1/+1 counters, but it sounds like a Hydra, so I chose a different mechanic.
  • @sorinjace
    I have decided to retinker Trapfinder's Trick
    Instead of remaking it as a threat card (as that is what Trapfinder's Trick is!), I decided to instead remake it as an answers enchantment.
  • @Tomigon no you don't have to use the same name, just list the card(s) your card(s) are remakes of to save confusion. But this time around, if anyone wants to remake the card using the same art and name, it's ok for this contest. I'm more concerned about the changes to the card then the art and card name in this particular contest.
  • @EnvyReaper thats a neat twist on Trapfinder's Trick! Never would've thought to make it as an enchantment!
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    (Original was Trapfinder's Trick)

    Instead of focusing on trap cards individually, I made the discard feature with a bonus if the card discarded was a trap card.
  • Revamp/ Original

    image image

    I remade one of the worst lands in all of magic- Sorrow's Path. Only deck's that ever played it was Zedruu the Greathearted commander you could give it to your opponent.
  • Remake of an older card, so feel free to count this as an old entry

    image image

    Mostly just reimagining what a card with this name might do.
  • @Animist
    That is not the point of this challenge...
  • @EnvyReaper

    Well, sorinjace's rules say: "recreate the card to be a better card than it actually is" so I've just chosen to interpret that literally. If that's not the spirit of the challenge, I'm sure he'll judge accordingly. No worries :)
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    Switch it to rare, keep the mana cost, it's a powerful Notion Rain variant.
  • Are unglued allowed?
  • @ArmisJoe use the article in the rules listed above, if the card you are talking about is in the article, then it's allowed. If it isn't in the article, than it's not allowed, sorry.

    (Besides, remaking an uncard to be a better card sounds like it kind of defeats the purpose of the contest. The goal is to make the worst cards of mtg that are featured in the above linked article into cards that are more playable/usable.)
  • @ArmisJoe and everyone else in case you don't want to scroll to the rules section, here is the link to the article to pull your cards from you are to remake:
  • I didn't actually notice you linked an article @Sorinjace, I gloss over things alot of times, and strike soon as inspiration hits. I didn't go off the list, I just picked Sorrow's Path because I knew it really really sucked heh.
  • I'll have to check to see if Sorrow's Path is in the article... @Lastjustice
  • It's mentioned at the very bottom for precisely the reason I said in my first post @Sorinjace. They said doesn't belong on the list being the 10 worst because has the virtue of being the ultimate trojan horse permanent. They acknowledge it because it's so infamous.
  • @sorinjace Your link broke.

    Can't see the cards. Can't enter.
  • @sanjaya666 it works for me
  • @ArmisJoe Not for me tho.
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