Prophetic Power! (Results Posted)

Hello fellow cardsmiths! I have been inactive due to schoolwork, but I decided to return and start another contest! This is a contest based on prophecy. The goal of this challenge is to design a card that flavorfully includes prophecy!

1. The Card must flavorfully include prophecy. (If I were to look at the card, I’d be able to make a connection between it and prophecy. If you thing the connection isn’t very strong, state your case and I’ll accept it)
2. The card must include blue or black mana somewhere in the card. (Ex: Activated Abilities and Mana Cost)
3. There is a max of five entries with a max of two old card.
4. The deadline for this contest is 11:59pm Pacific Time on April 23.
5. Please include the name of the artist.

An Example:



HM: 1 favorite
3rd Place: 2 favorites
2nd Place: 4 favorites
1st Place: 8 favorites

Judging Scale:

5 points if the artist is named
Up to 15 points for Formatting of the card
Up to 20 points for use of abilities and mechanics on the card
Up to 30 points for balancing of the card
Up to 40 points for creativity of the card

Good Luck!


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