[RESULTS] Work of Art: The HALF-Great Designer Search 3 — Challenge 5

Hello everyone!

We're coming back for the fifth round of...


The premise of this contest is simple:
1) It follows the original GDS3 challenges. You can find the original challenges HERE!
2) You only need to design half the cards compared to the original rules (usually going from 8-10 to 4-5 cards). I adapted the rules accordingly.
3) A little twist has been added to each challenge so people who followed the GDS3 can't come too prepared.
4) No elimination, you can skip any round or jump in at any moment.

Without further ado, let's jump to the challenge:


You can find the rules of the original challenge HERE! I took them and cut them in half:


1) You must design 5 cards.
2) Each of your card will have a mechanical constraint spelled out below. Cards must exactly match the card's constraint. A red card can't be turned into a red/green card, for example.
3) In addition to the mechanical constraint, for each card you design, you will have a piece of art (from the twelve provided) to design to. No two cards may use the same piece of art, meaning you will be using five of the twelve pieces of art.
4) The card's color and rarity will be spelled out in its constraint. Some constraints will also specify a mandatory card type.
5) You are allowed access to all evergreen keywords (which do not include deciduous mechanics) and up to one non-evergreen keyword if you'd like. Please do not create any new named keyword mechanic.
6) In order to help give context to your overall card and connect it better with the illustration, you are encouraged to submit flavour text as long as it's 100% your creation and fit on the card with the rules text provided. If you do, I will take the flavour text into account for judging.

But that's not all. To prevent people who already did the full original challenge from having too much of a head start, I added... a twist.


7) I CHANGED ALL THE CONSTRAINTS AND ALL THE ILLUSTRATIONS. Here are the five constraints you will have to design for:

#1: White (common) — I want a creature that sacrifices itself.
#2: Blue (uncommon) — I want a Spike-friendly instant or sorcery. (Spike is the competitive player. They like strong competitive cards that are efficiently costed.)
#3: Black (uncommon) — I want a limited bomb that would be exciting for Timmy/Tammy. (Timmy/Tammy is the "power player". They like big impressive cards, even if they're not very efficiently costed.)
#4: Red (mythic rare) — I want anything that cost 8 mana or more.
#5: Green (rare) — I want a build-around enchantment for Johnny/Jenny. (Johnny/Jenny is the creative player. They like to win in innovative ways by comboing cards no one else would want to play.)

Sidenote: If you are confused by the "Timmy/Tammy", Johnny/Jenny" and "Spike" names, they are psychographic profiles of MTG players. They are basically the three types of players you should always satisfy when designing a set. You can learn more about them by clicking on THIS LINK, but I explained the basics in parentheses in the constraints themselves, you don't need to know much more than that.

Additionally, here are the twelve illustrations you will need to choose from to design your five cards:


Here are the names of the artists and a link to each illustration right below so you can download them. Please try to replicate more or less the image I provided above. It's ok to zoom in or out a little but the focus of the illustration shouldn't change entirely after you're done cropping.

A: Raging Elemental — by ChrisOstrowski (LINK)
B: Pocket Treasure — by drazebot (LINK)
C: Heart of Nature — by yakonusuke (LINK)
D: New Eclipse — by ryky (LINK)
E: Ritual — by Nord-Sol (LINK)
F: American Gods — by Julie Dillon (LINK)
G: Song for Cats — by kir-tat (LINK)
H: Black Angel — by artozi (LINK)
I: Kingdom Fall — by kengen83 (LINK)
J: The Exchange — by conorburkeart (LINK)
K: Bait — by sstarkm (LINK)
L: Creeping Fog — by Nigreda (LINK)

Don't forget to credit the artists on your cards! =)

Here are some additional information for the contest:
OLD CARDS ARE: Allowed, and very impressive if you managed to pull that one out ;p
FORMAT: Design cards for an undefined Standard-legal set.
TEXT-ONLY CARDS ARE: Allowed, just mention the letter of the corresponding illustration.
DEADLINE: Saturday, April 27th (2 weeks from now)
- 1st place — 5 favourites of their choice
- 2st place — 3 favourites of their choice
- 3st place — 1 favourite of their choice

This might be the penultimate challenge of this series, but in my opinion it's the hardest of them all. The amount of restrictions means you'll have to be especially ingenuous about how to combine the constraints with the illustrations. To account for that difficulty, I didn't reduce the number of available illustrations proportionally to the number of cards like I did with the names in the second challenge. I hope this will give you enough room to not be cornered into impossible situations like the original challenge did for many contestants. Choose your illustrations carefully, they will guide you down one mechanical path or the other.

Good luck everyone, let the fourth round of the HALF-GDS3 begin! =D


  • I'm joining!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  • @ningyounk
    Each card is to be mono-colored, right?
  • @Faiths_Guide
    Absolutely, no multicoloured card this round, like for the original challenge ^^
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    This card seems to correspond to an Idea i had for a scene in a movie, where the protagonist and the villain are in a room full of cats, and the hero uses a laser pointer thing to make all the cats jump onto the villain.
    (Sorry about the spilling text. there wasn't room to fix it.)
    (Also, I forgot the artist credit because I hardly ever know who made my art. Sorry about that too.)
    nothing to say here.
    More later.
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    Is a Prevention Effect considered evergreen? Will I get a *ding* if I use "prevent damage" on a submission?
  • @Faiths_Guide Yeap, damage prevention is still evergreen though it's been a bit tone down with the time ^^ So, you can use it as much as you want :)
  • Oh wait. Kkral uses only decicicious and set mechanics.
  • I have a problem with the links. There are some that are blocked on my school computer.
  • @KorandAngels
    Yes, I was actually going to reply with just a series of *DING* to leave you a hint but you figured it out by yourself before I had the chance xD

    Are you designing your cards on your school computer? XD
    Here are the illustrations uploaded with the site I usually use to upload my images. If you can see the images I use in the introduction like the "Twist" banner and such, you should be able to download the following images by right-clicking on them and selecting "Save as":


    If you don't see the images above, I can upload them through a site you know can get past your school's firewall, or you might want to do a text-only entry if you prefer ^^
  • Thank you. Yes I use my school laptop because I don’t have another.
  • @Ranshi922
    Ah, a school laptop, that's nice! I was picturing you on a library computer or something xD
  • I do that in the summer. There are people at the Surf City Library who keep up to date on my cards! XD
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    (I think I went a bit over the top with that one /\)
    to explain the flavour, In at least one plane, all areas of mana are connected.
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    The eternalize on Kahsarz is flavour, if it makes K not work, It isn't really a function of the card.
    I used every colour to get across how much universe he has.
    EDIT: and I forgot the artist again.
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    Card # 5: (Text only)
    Organised Crime
    choose both in any order:
    -scry 1, then draw a card
    -surveil 1, then draw a card.
    Dimir watermark
    Art: the exchange by conorbekuert or however you spell that.
  • It turns out that 'heart of darkness' has got 7 favourites in one night.
  • 1st enty.

  • 2nd entry

  • Is Treasure something that can come about in great numbers from mono red?
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    4th entry.

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    Entry #1
  • 5th entry.

  • Can anyone explain what is meant by a limited bomb?
  • @Ranshi922
    Allow Marshall Sutcliffe to clarify:

    Also, Exorbitant Fortune is missing a "you" in its rules text.
  • Oh. Also, that link is blocked.
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    Changed my 3rd entry.

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