Help with wording, please

Hello cardsmithers.
I bring you two cards. An old one (left) and a recent one (right).


I'm not sure about the wordings on these. And I can't come up with real cards to use as references, so I have come to you. Are these cards well worded?


  • The first one seems fine.

    I know that there is something off with the second, but I don’t know how to phrase it right.
  • “Whenever an opponents casts the named spell” might make it feel a bit better.

    The first one feels off to me as well. I’d recommend “Counter target spell with a converted mana cost equal to the converted mana cost of target artifact you control.”
  • The first one should probably read "an artifact you control" instead of targeting for no obvious reason.

    The choosing of the name on Mojo Prognosis should be a separate ability to the scrying bit (since the put-on-library bit is also an ETB then it's probably fine as part of the same ability).
  • They changed "name a card" to "choose a card name". I don't know why.


    When Mojo Prognosis enters the battlefield, choose a card name. Put all spells with
    that name into their owners' libraries third from the top.

    Whenever an opponent casts a spell with the chosen name, scry 3.
    Also I think 2 mana is a bit too cheap for this.
  • @Lujikul @MemoryHead @Tomigon thank you guys. All my concerns were solved :)
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