Tome of TheMechanix: Questions and discussions

So I finally made this!
Tome of TheMechanix:
I organized mechanics from Mechanics Encyclopedia For All. You can see them in this order: Authors(alphabetical)- Mechanics(Static, triggered, activated, action, ability word, other.)

But there are some mechanics that I decided not to include in there (for these reasons: Too complex, too narrow, OP, flavor fail, only downside, "What's the concept of this?".)
I also found many mistakes and/or rooms for improvement, so I sometimes changed wordings and functions. I tried not to change the original concept so drastically, but I might have misunderstood what you want to do. Or I might have made mistakes too.

So if your mechanic is missing from Tome of TheMechanix, or don't like the way your mechanics were modified, please comment on this thread or send me PM.


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