Face Your Fears - Challenge

I've been having terrible nightmares recently. Put that together with me wanting to create a challenge real badly and voila! Welcome fellow cardsmiths...

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Art by: nocturne on Deviantart

The Challenge
Create a card that disclosures one of your biggest fears.

In order:
Creativity, flavour, art, balance and spelling.

- No old cards. Any cards created prior to 19 April are considered old.
- Up to 6 cards per user.
- No joke cards.
- Due date: May 12th.
- Cards can be of any type.
- Fears can be as abstract as you want, I won't evaluate the fear itself. Don't be afraid of opening up.

For participating: 1 favorite of your choice. Make sure you specify the card you want me to favorite on your comment or on a PM.

1st Place: 5 favorites and a follow (unless already following).
2nd Place: 4 favorites.
3rd Place: 3 favorites.

Have fun! Make sure to comment if you have any doubts :)



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    Did somebody say fear?
    Tomgion, sorinjace, Lastjustice, sangaya666, Dechujoh64, Teacup, & Agrroman15 know why I am excited.
  • I'm all in when I can find the artwork for my fear! Hopefully that won't be too difficult.
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    Feels like home...
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    Entry #1, Fear of pacts:

    (Last updated: 4/19/2019.)

    Forgot to post the reminder text for deviate.

    Deviate {Specific card} (Exile that card face down. For as long as it remains in exile, you may look at it and/or play it. As long as you don't own it, you may spend mana as though it were mana of any type to cast that card.)

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    Both of you have become fearless.

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    I'm new to cardsmith, and I thought it would be cool to join a contest :/

    I actually don't know how to upload photos like everyone else is doing.


    I am aware that there is a typo in the flavor text, and I will probably go back and edit that...
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    @Project1734 Hi! It's always nice to have new members around! Let me help you a bit.

    There's a guide about how to upload cards to the forums here: http://forums.mtgcardsmith.com/discussion/2584/brief-guide-to-uploading-linked-pictures-images-in-comments-w-visual-aid#latest

    The most common for contests is the image with a clickable link. Or repetition when submiting multiple cards at once. But it is not mandatory at all.

    I also recommend taking a quick look at the pinned FAQ's and Common Suggestions thread. It was very helpful when I joined :D

    You can private message me if you feel lost.

    Welcome to the challenge, Project.
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    @ArmisJoe & @Corwinnn thanks for the links and support. I really appreciate it.

    Posting my second card. Here ya go.

  • And I'm really quickly gonna upload another. Good luck to everyone else joining.


    A pretty weird fear, I know.
  • The dark side of white.
  • @Je_Suis_Oluwa I really like the concept. It makes sense and is decently balanced, as well as being creative (I've never seen a card anything like it, though my card knowledge isn't what you'd call extensive...)

    Good luck to you!
  • Putting up my final 3 cards. 6/6 done.


    I guess it's kinda weird to have a planeswalker card here, but eh.
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    You have become fearless.


    Nice entries overall, you have pretty good concepts! There are errors and you could search for references. Nevertheless it's a great start. Well done.
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    @ArmisJoe you need to edit your rules text concerning old cards as it reads as 19 May. I am willing to guess you mean April 19th, but with May so close you might want to edit that. Oh, and @Ranshi922, yes I may be late in seeing this contest, but I do know your... passion for fear. ;)

    Well this topic had been covered before and I had made a card for it that was simple and effective. Perhaps I will have to revisit the idea. I have 3 major phobias and a couple fears but I wouldn't call the fears as phobias, they aren't as strong as the phobias I got. (Most people got phobias and will never face them.) I will return to this discussion asap. @Project1734 welcome to the forums! Is your current avatar image a picture of Terry Crews? Thats funny as hell! @Ranshi922 when you listed other usernames in your comment above, you didn't spell most of their names out the way they spell them out, thats not like you at all! Lol
  • @sorinjace fixing that right now. Thank you for noticing lol
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    @sorinjace, I was tired and rushed. @ArmisJoe, I don't know why I didn't notice earlier, but there are a few errs in the card dedicated to @murkletins and me. My notes are in the comment section.
  • @ArmisJoe yeah I looked back at the cards and found quite a few errors (Thanatophobia's flavor text and the ultimate of Satan, for example). I'll fix those in a bit. Thanks.

    @sorinjace yep. I was bored.
  • I figured as much @Ranshi922. (Also, on EnvyReaper's contest, I simply forgot to make the back side of the legendary creature a legendary border, THEN forgot to update that on the forums as it had already been taken cared of on the same day I published that card.)

    @Project1734 that's cool, if you did that because you are bored, I imagine you would be great with UN cards because I'm going to guess you got a sense of humor.

    I'll brb. I'm going to create a card for this contest. Hang tight, @ArmisJoe.
  • New entry #1:


    One of my fears/phobias is heights.
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    Accidentally hurting someone is a fear of mine, I'd have trouble getting over guilt:
    image _ image
  • @Je_Suis_Oluwa
    Both of you have become fearless.

  • I don’t want to make a card for Arachnophobia....
  • @Ranshi922 Arachnophobia is by far my biggest fear. When you choose the art...

  • @ArmisJoe, I want someone else to choose the illustration. It's finding the image that will be the most terrifying. Arachnophobia is a thing that is in part visually inducive, whereas insciundophobia is a situational and conceptual fear of misunderstandings or being misunderstood.
  • Could somebody find me an illustration suitable for a card about arachnophobia, but not one such that I will go running for the hills?
  • I've got a cool one, but I'm going to post it as a link just in case it's a bit too much.

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    When I was little, it used to reduce me to tears just to think about the concept of eternity. Still does, if I really spend time on it. It's a scary idea, for me.
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