Halfbreeds - Just for Fun

Hey, welcome to my first contest. In this contest, the rules are simple. Create a card that combines two completely different tribes. For example, Werewolf and Kor.

What makes a good card: the card should be made up of two tribes that have two contradicting playstyles (I would prefer if they don't share a color). The card should be unique and inventive and include gimmicks from the tribe. It should be realistic and balanced. Any joke cards will be ignored.

All entries will be graded based on:

Creativity (20 Points)
Balance (15 Points)
Flavor (10 Points)
Spelling and Grammar (5 Points)

1st-3rd Place get a favorite and a follow

You may submit 3 entries (all must be new, which is after 4/22/19) and the deadline is 5/15/19.

I have a feeling no one is going to join.


  • I am excited to join! Never post negative expectations!
  • Tribes specifically means species things, right?
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  • @Ranshi yep. Though certain species like Eldrazi won't be an amazing pick for this contest, so make sure you choose wisely. Have fun with it.
  • image

    This counts, right?
  • In case anyone cares, this is part of an upcoming project I'll be doing based on a world that's like Innistrad, but also Ravnica, but also orc vampires.
  • Ravnistrad
  • Ravnistrad, RETURN OF THE ORCIRES!

    *dun dun dun*
  • But... Eldrazi hybrids would be easy...
  • @Ranshi922 yes, but honestly if you expect to get an amazing score with an eldrazi than you are sorely mistaken. Most of the points are for creativity.
  • @HeroKP of course it counts, good entries from you and @pstmdrn so far. I'm people are joining.
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    .......... change of plans.
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    loved how this one turned out, thanks for the challenge!
  • @ArmisJoe thanks for being here! Nice seeing friendly faces around.
  • I created an example card because I wanted to try this challenge myself :/


    I...may have gone overboard...
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    This probably doesn't count, but ally is a tribe right?
    Behold! the Zendikar Tribrid!
    (Eldrazi and ally. elemental isn't necessary for the theme.)
  • @HeroKP If you make that set, I can see a synergy with the werewolf and the Simic Combine.
    Simic always should have had transforming cards.
  • @KorandAngels very interesting concept.
  • image
    {c} Horror + {g} wurm + {b} Zombie, to explain the weird cost.
  • image
    W dog + R Archer + B wizard
  • image
    W cat + B demon (+ B wizard)
  • This is a really cool idea!

    The idea for this card is that during the whole invasion thing in War for the Spark, the Golgari go to the Rakdos for help. Then there's this whole demonic pact thing, pretty standard Rakdos stuff, and this monstrosity comes out. It's pretty obviously a black demon + a green fungus. It has a demon's sacrificing and drawback, those things are flavoured in a way that a fungus would do it, with saprolings and +1/+1 counters.
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    Ninjutsu is my favorite mechanic from Kamigawa block, and Kamigawa didn't happen to feature elves... Hmm...

    I can use this.


    P. S. Does the art look enough like an elf?
  • @SteampunkDragon nice first entry, cool concept!

    @HeroKP I guess you could say they have pointy ears under that cloak. This card would definitely see play if it was real.
  • @Project1734


    I think I might check the power level on that, cause now I'm looking at it again, and it seems way more powerful than I first thought.

    Lorewise, she's from that same Ravnistrad place I don't have a name for yet, and is from a faction of Grixis-coloured denial.
  • @HeroKP That's cool, tell me when you finish it!
  • Thanks!
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