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  • @KorandAngels you have sumbit 4 entries, which is past the limit. Tell me which entries are the ones you would like me to grade or you will be disqualified. Thanks.
    Just to clarify, this is a Red Dinosaur + a Black Vampire. The zombie part is an explanation for how it was revived.
    Pretty simple, other than that. It has the enrage ability, but it's also focused around life loss/gain.
  • @SteampunkDragon your entries are honestly just the kind of thing I was looking for when I made this contest, a card that truly blends two tribes with more than just the type line, but down to the playstyle to where you could play it in either deck. Well done.
  • @armisjoe I like your entry, but I was wondering, since treefolk often have big butts, a boost to power might be beneficial. Or even Instants +1/+0, Sorceries +0/+1. SOmething like that.
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    @pstmdrn I'd think it would be more useful to have the instants give toughness instead of sorceries so that you can survive a hit. Treefolk do have GIANT butts, but y'know, it wouldn't hurt to have bigger ones. Plus, you don't usually see a wizard with an effect of that kind that is more defensive than aggro.
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    @pstmdrn I decided to make their butts wider, don't treefolks usually run cards like "may deal damage equal to their toughness rather than their power"? And other weird mechanics like that card that you lose life equal to the power but gain life equal to the toughness, but I think it was golgari.... Idk just wanted to mix the wizard and treefolk parts even more.
  • @armisjoe I did think of that. It is the strategy of most treefolk type of EDH decks.
  • @pstmdrn maybe I'm just too boring, I'll try something else
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    @armisjoe No no! I liked the card, just opening up some conversation. I'm a chatty whore.
  • @ArmisJoe your entry was great. Don't beat yourself up!
  • @pstmdrn I didn't take it in a bad way lol np here

    Ok so I made this one now

    Before anyone asks, yes it's a male Faerie. It's 2019 anything is possible
  • @ArmisJoe That's weird, is it discouraging tribal builds lol
  • @Project1734 he is just homeless :( since both tribes are quite tribe depending I went that way. You can put him anywhere. Hey, flying elves!
  • 3rd entry
  • i don't really care about the wurm thing.
  • @KorandAngels ok, thanks. I've already started the grading process so I don't get overwhelmed later.
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    1st entry

    I haven't done a contest in a while, so I'm still warming up.
  • @Termite1 nice first entry. good luck.
  • @Project1734 Thanks, means a lot. I've been cardsmithing for a while but never really got into challenges, it's good to hear that you like my cards.

    I'm not sure why I leaned black on all of these cards, but it doesn't really matter. This one is a Black gorgon + a Blue merfolk from Theros. I didn't expect it to synergize as well as it did. Lots of merfolk/Thassa-related cards on Theros impede the power of enemy creatures, which is great with gorgons because they have deathtouch, and if you lower the power of the creatures they deal damage to they have a more likely chance of survival.
  • @SteampunkDragon hey, cool idea. The card seems really good overall.
  • 2 weeks doods. I'm hyped!
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    1st Entry:
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    2nd Entry:
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    3rd Entry:

    I think I'm going to build a new plane around her, wasn't expecting this one to come out like it did.
  • @Flameice2 honestly I love the cards, the only thing I'm concerned with is Daisha's balancing lol
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