Custom MTG League

Welcome to the CMTGL, The Custom Magic: The Gathering League!

This was an idea that I had a while ago but never put to use and I though. This is similar to the Circuit Challenge but will last longer and have a different point system. It will be different MTG matches of 2-4 people on and will continue for an undetermined amount of time. The point here will be that there will be custom cards will be allowed in decks.

Match Types:

1v1: 2 players against each other.

2v2: 2 teams of 2 against each other.

3 Way: 3 people all against each other.

4 Way: 4 people all against each other.

Point System:

Casual 1v1 (Standard/Modern), Casual 2v2 (Standard/Modern), Casual 3 or 4 Way (Standard/Modern): 1 Point

Casual 1v1 (EDH), Casual 2v2 (EDH), Casual 3 or 4 Way (EDH), Competitive 1v1 (Standard, Modern), Competitive 2v2 (Standard, Modern): 2 Points

Competitive 1v1 (EDH), Competitive 2v2 (EDH), Competitive 3 or 4 Way (Standard, Modern, EDH): 3 Points

Leave any questions in the comments. Competitive Matches can only be accessed by people with 10 or more Points


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