Card-breaker contest

The game has changed, and so have the cards!
A just for fun contest, and the goal is to mess around with cards.

Get an existing card, and make a new card, similar to the original, except different. You need to change something (or some things?) to make the new card have a different purpose than what the original card was created for.

One example:
Old card:

New card:

The winner will be determined by the following factors:

Aesthetic quality
Does the artwork look nice?
Is it neatly designed?
Does the text look nice?

Well designed
How well does the new card resemble an altered version of the old one?
How well do you convey the new card's purpose?

How has the change affected the purpose of the card?

Contestants have a maximum of 4 entries.
Please post the original and altered versions together.
The contest will run for a month (until 29-05-2019)
The winner (and everyone else, too) will get a follow from me, and I will like every one of their cards that I like.


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