The Missing Factions

I have noticed that I don't know if there are any magic sets that have a cycle of 4 colour factions, like how Alara/Tarkir have 3 and Ravnica has 2. And so, I introduce:
Plane of power
Sarnas is a plane where 5 factions war for power. Not very unusual, all right, except for the fact that all factions use almost all types of magic. The plane itself is relatively unremarkable, like Ravnica, pre-city.
Some of the factions:
~the Sorlef Foundation (non-green)
~the Fray Millitia (non-black)
~the Kaldos Union! (non-blue)
this will be added to as people make new factions.
What the contest actually is
I would like you to select/make a faction (it can be one that has already been chosen) and make any of the following:
~A leader/champion (only one of each for each faction so you can't make one if someone else has)
~normal cards for the faction ("Guildgates" included)
~a custom mechanic that works with the faction.
Thank You!


  • Faction details:
    The Sorlef are a mining company and artisans guild mixed together. Ideal mechanics: Explore, can't be blocked, appendum.
    The Fray are a people's millitia that attempt to keep down crime and generally make the world better. mechanics: Mentor, battalion, prowess, appendum.

    Please make this type of detail for any factions you invent.
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    New Faction: The Kaldos Union (Non-Blue)
    The Kaldos are religion/tribale union that believe in the natural cycle of nature, and don't care for new technologies. They seek to live as close to nature as possible, leading them to be nomads. They raise creatures of all sizes, from falcons to bears. They move their camps every few days, making them hard to find. While they do not care for progress, they also do not hinder the moving forward of the other factions, believing it is their natural purpose. That's not to say, however, that some do not protest or even riot at the moving in of the other factions into their ancestral lands. Most of the chieftains of the separate tribes with in the faction have agreed to remain non-violent unless attacked, though some of the younger tribals continue to attack Fray military outposts as well as Sorlef factories and guild houses. There are 7 tribes within the Kaldos, and their names are: Toma(Treefolk, Elves, and Naga), Meelin(Naga, Elves, and Trolls), Egax(Humans, Dragons, and Birds), Edol(Goblins, Elementals, and Dragons), Saksun(Elves, Humans, and Bears), Baiga(Naga, Trolls, and Orcs), and the Hoguuth(Dragons, Treefolk, Goblins, and Giants).Ideal Mechanics: Riot, Amplify, Battle Cry, Landfall, Convoke, and Kicker. Custom Ability: Naturalize( Whenever this creature deals damage to a player, destroy up to one target artifact or enchantment they control)
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    Leader of the Kaldos:

    Even as a young boy, he did not feel at home within his tribe, the Hoguuth. When he had passed, without fail, his tribes coming of age ceremony at the age of 16, and was allowed to choose his path in life, he left his nomadic tribe, seeking the knowledge and battle prowess of the Fray Militia. He served in their military, learning new battle tactics and even becoming a officer. 10 years later, however, he learned of the mining towns being created by the Sorlef Foundation. He heard stories of how they stripped the land of it's wildlife, digging in the ground for their ever so precious metals. He deserted the Fray, returning to his home. He then asked forgiveness for his transgressions against the Union, and begged to be allowed to return, asking only to be allowed to fight to protect the ancestral lands. The Council of the Chiefs allowed him to return, but at a cost. He would have to learn the ways of every tribe before being sent to the battlefield. With great relief, Jidaz gladly accepted the terms of his return. 3 years later, he had completed the trials of every tribe, and he officially re-entered the Union of the Tribes. He went to the frontlines of the war against the Sorlef, and became a living legend. 2 years later, when it came time for the contest of the Chiefs, he entered, and became the official leader of the Kaldos, known as the Arch Chief.
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    The Everdeep faction is nonred and focuses on defense. It utilizes a lot of defender and protection from red and wins by turtling. Storywise, the Everdeep are very much secluded and protect themselves only, not having much respect for those that aren't Everdeep. They live in heavily fortified fortresses (is that redundant?) that are almost impenetrable.
    (sry no art)
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    Here's an idea for the non-white faction:

    Name: The Followers of Malazar

    Overview: Simply called by the people of Sarnas as the cult, the faction is revolving around their devotion towards an unholy and terrible figure who is called as Malazar. Lead by a their so called prophet Ysilda, the chaotic cult utilizes many combinations of unsavory methods (espionage networks, sacrifices, slaughters, massacres, etc.) to attain their goals, namely to bring Malazar from the immaterial plane to the real world and to turn the world into the chaotic state as it was before the dawn of the civilization.

    Though there are various tribes among the cult of Malazar, and their main leaders are consist of mainly (legendary creatures) who act as the lieutenants of their prophet Ysilda. There are currently three known leaders:

    Serena Nightshade (UBR), a wild vampire that is unlike the ones who like to reside in their fortress as she likes to hunt her preys personally, who is also the master of the vampire cabal;
    Drakkor the Grim (BRG), a lich lord who possesses a deep knowledge over necromancy, who is the master of the undead hordes, and;
    Zavros (GUR), an elemental who is also hating the civilizations because people are destroying the nature. In addition, Zavros is also an extraordinary elementals who has large authority over the fire, earth, nature, and water.
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    The cult's current leader card:

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