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  • I want silver border.. :P
  • @Teacup
    Same here, but I'll wait patiently like a dog. Woof!
  • Is there going to be an update for being able to make a planeswalker card in split colors? And being able to put number symbols in the text box?
  • edited November 2017
    @Beydin13 @Corwinnn
    The first is slower to implement. But the later is overall not hard.

    The question would be, when can they do all the updates at once? Mainly for efficiency.

    I'm not familiar with their progress and can't be certain when it will be.
  • Land symbols added to watermarks update. Watermarks Beta is looking good now!
  • Watermarks are out of Beta and now available for everyone!

    (And we definitely didn't mean to change that 9 days ago or anything...)
  • WooHoo!!!
  • How do I find the users that I am following? I see where I can look at people following me, but I cannot find the users that I have followed.
  • @Astabeth
    Are you on a PC or mobile?
  • On desktop the ones following, are the ones you are following.
  • I found it - it's on the account page.
  • I posted a card today, and it came with two comments when published. However, these comments are dated with October first of 2014. I'm not sure if you guys know why this happened, but it seems like something to look into. Link to the card below.

  • @Nokiskaur
    It's what happens when you post a card that shares a name with a deleted card. At least that's what I've heard.
  • @modnation675

    Alright. Is there any way to get rid of them?
  • It's revenge of the old disqus comments from when we made the change to https.
  • @NokiSKaur
    You would have to speak with @Corwinnn.
  • That's happened to me too.
  • I created a card not so long ago, and the comments were already disabled from it. I was aware that the card's name has been used before.
  • @NokiSkaur... are they still showing up?
  • Not anymore. Thanks, @Corwinnn
  • @NokiSKaur
    If you delete that card and make the same card again, those comments don't show up.
  • @Tomigon

    Thanks. I'll keep that in mind for the future.
  • @Tomigon what if you just edit it with premium? Does that work too?
  • Something I’ve noticed is that, looking through my old cards, the comments are returning. Might be worth it for all of you to do the same.
  • @Swegboss12
    No it doesn't. You have to remake the card in new page.
  • edited March 1
    I think it would be cool if we could customize backgrounds and text box borders separately, so we could have a colored artifact with the border of its respective color (Or if there were just separate options for this).
  • edited April 11
    @mtgcardsmith has any progress been made recently regarding ongoing issues and requests? (Specifically the following):
    -adding "Land Creature", "Legendary Land Creature", and "Legendary Instant" to the type list
    -Transform card borders
    -Colored text boxes for lands

    -overhauled Planeswalker editor
    ---type selection: "Legendary Planeswalker" and "Planeswalker"
    ---dual color borders
    ---option for 4 abilities
    ---Commander text
    ---mana symbols in text box

    -The "battlefield bug" (reported in 2015!) as seen here:
  • @TheClayKnight
    Thanks for posting this helpful summary. I'm glad the battlefield bug wasn't forgotten.

    Especially, as I'd love to edit some of my old cards affected.
  • BATTLEFIELD = 11 characters
    The editor tries to simplify things by identifying places where line breaks are necessary, as a result there is a Character Threshold for when to break the line on longer words.

    We *could* try to increase the character threshold, but be warned, this will push the work for line breaks back on the card author to make sure everything is right. We have held off for so long because we believe the net result will be more card text that breaks the card border, and overall sloppier designs.

    That said, we're open to an experiment if the community thinks having more control is valuable enough. Thoughts on this issue?
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