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  • WooHoo!!!
  • set symbols I personally would like:
    Planar Chaos
    The Dark
  • Set symbols I want:
    The Kamiwangas
    Custom symbols

    I also want those things on the back of clan cards like Rakdos and stuff like that. The little symbols in the background. Like this:


    The little rakdos thing in the back.
  • I really want Ravnica to become available to everyone. Also, I would really like dual-colored borders for all cards (and planeswalkers!)
  • @zendikarincarnate That will probably happen when other customizations like picking hybrid backgrounds and custom type text become a thing. It would require a rework on how cards are made (the form) and stored (the database).
  • Don't know if it was intentional, but the update today seems to have removed the Small Text option in the M15 Frame. Trying to check if this was a fluke, but my internet is being horrible.
  • Good catch, it has been restored - slight bug in the updates!
  • I'm just geeking out over how sophisticated it looks now, almost like Gatherer! (Insert excited face)
  • edited May 2016
    @MTGCardsmith, can you add the watermarks in (Like Rakdos, Boros, Abzan, Set symbols)?
    Oh yeah, the new website design looks amazing, by the way!
  • I found a bug. On cards (Before I click it) it says X favorites and 0 comments. After I click on it, I will sometimes see X favorites and 2+ comments on it.
  • We are working on a disqus issue with https comment counts, it should be resolved within 24 hours.
  • Minor updates:
    - Moved featured card up on mobile
    - Increased mobile columns display to two at a time
    - Added the link to the Latest Comments page from the homepage, browse, and search pages
    - Improved the Active Members lookup and speed

    Remaining bugs:
    - Disqus counts on https, no bueno
    -Featured card on tablet displays, awkward
    -Missing next/prev card links
    -Rewrite Favored members to be dynamic (Favorites lookup = mucho expensivo)
  • Did the redesign project include the profile pages, card pages, set pages, etc or is that TBD?
  • Those other pages are on the list to get a facelift over the next couple of months, we recognize its a bit odd to bounce back and forth but we didn't feel the need to wait until absolutely everything was converted (small releases!).
  • Dynamic Favored Members have returned to the homepage, holy smokes you lot have been busy!
  • As a side note, you can search by artifacts even though the option doesn't show up in the search drop-down. Simply do an advanced search with all of the criteria you want and pick a random type. Then, look at the URL:

    Replace the word "creature" with the word "artifact" so it looks like this:
  • @mtgcardsmith I'm more curious than anything, but do you know when planeswalker creation will become more mobile compatible?
  • When I clicked "Home", "Cardsmith Activity" shows only recent 15 cards. Is that normal?
  • @Tomigon, that is odd and definitely not as expected. We'll look into it, thanks!
  • @mtgcardsmith - I am getting that too
  • edited June 2016
    Bug Fix: Member homepage feed has now returned to its scrolly goodness.

    New set icons released:
    -Shadows Over Innistrad
    -MTG Promo (Available for Premium Members)

  • I'm totally freaking out right now!
  • edited June 2016

    EDIT: The Shadows over Innistrad symbol seems to be offset to the left a bit too much. SUMMON THE @MTGCARDSMITH!
  • Hybrid Borders, too!
  • Update:
    Previous and Next card arrows have returned to the updated View Card design. They are located at the top next to the card name and author info. Browsing sets and the latest cards you missed should be much easier now!
  • edited July 2016
    I can't tell you how much I miss that one!
    (It's daily... I can tell you!)
  • Bug Fix:
    Fixed a bug with the member homepage, where if you had more than 10 pages of new cards, scrolling would no longer work. Scroll away!
  • Scrollin' scrollin' scrollin'
    Though the streams are swollen
    Keep them doggies scrollin'
  • @mtgcardsmith
    Thank you so much!
  • The contest page now supports contest-specific previous and next, so you can view one card to the next without having to return to the list!

    *Judges swoon wildly*
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