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    Ok, please please Please fix the "battlefield bug"!

    I don't know what causes the rules text boxes to do this, but the longer the word, the earlier the return in the formatting. In other words, the way the card formats, it is far quicker to go to the next line if the word is long than if the word is short. The word "battlefield" in particular jumps down to the next line even if the space in the line above is way more than adequate to fit it, this, in turn, causes wholly unnecessary jogs in the rules text that are quite unseemly; at times it even makes the text not fit at all!

    Is there anything that can be done?


    "When CARDNAME enters the
    battlefield, create a 1/1 color Type creature token.
    Then, if you control less creatures than each
    opponent, populate.

    (This would look incredibly better)

    "When CARDNAME enters the battlefield, create a
    1/1 color Type creature token. Then, if you control
    less creatures than each opponent, populate.

    (It also takes up one less line!)
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    The 'text box' it prints for rules text is either a fixed pixel width. Since Beleren (the font Magic cards use and MTGCS uses) isn't a monospace font (a font where each character uses the same amount of space), each character will require a certain number of pixels of space on any given line. For example, you can fit 52 - on a single line but you can have 78 of the thinner . characters on one line. This means that even if you have two cards with names of equal length, Iliad and Cosmo for example are both 5 characters, they will take up different amounts of space on the line and possibly cause it to force a new line. This is most true of particularly long (or wide) words like 'battlefield' or 'graveyard'.

    A good example of the same thing happening in a real card is Abbot of Keral Keep or Adaptive Automaton. Wizards does their best to make it so line 1 isn't much shorter than line 2 and it is up to cardsmiths to do the same. There are even two font size options so you can pick what works best for you visually.

    Technically also, the text box extends about 2px-5px too far to the right and doesn't maintain any padding at the right edge of the text area like real cards do. See below for how text bleeds too far on the right side:
  • See this:

    Obviously far more than enough room for "battlefield" to fit on the top line, yet still it forces to the next, very aggravating!
  • Well, if your going to argue, I'm not gonna list the wanted items, but I'll list a bunch of other bugs:

    -Pictures not working for Planeswalkers or Modern Frame on mobile
    -Featured card not showing on mobile
    -{g}{g} becomes {g}
    {g} for some reason.
    -Wait for some more...
  • @Corwinnn, I just got followed by the exact same person 3 times. I checked, and it really is the exact same. I'm confused. His name is Mjaff9
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    I wonder if it's a stalker @TrippleBoggey3?
    I've seen that before. I think they'll have a look at it and see why it's doing that. And don't worry, I don't think he's a stalker.
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    Please, MTGCardsmith, bring the energy symbols and the Kaladesh set icon FAST! :)

    And, btw, is it planned to bring the generic hybrid mana (e.g. {2/w} etc.) eventually?

    Oh, and double cards (maybe with Fuse) would be nice, but I think you know that already. ;)
  • If your going to put the Kaladesh symbol in, why not do this:

    Instead of listening to request after request, just put in everything Mtg Set Editor has to offer, even the new mana symbols.
  • Colored artifacts would be cool, too.
  • If you would like to see an increase in the speed of which new features are built and released, please consider supporting our Patreon and getting us to the Developer Support goal so we can hire some help! Thanks guys. https://www.patreon.com/mtgcardsmith
  • @mtgcardsmith, I'd love to support MTGCS, as this is my second most commonly used site (first is YouTube), but my dad won't let me spend money on virtual things, especially donations. I'd support this one day, in the near future (few months to a few years.)

    Truthfully, I'd normally prefer donating to the poor than to a website. For the sake of myself, I'd definitely donate to this site. But I usually cannot handle donating to things like these, or even buying things without thinking about all those people out there lacking even basic necessities.

    Very well, one day I will donate, but not today.
  • @TrippleBoggey3 - But the main thing is, you've considered it. And that's all we can ask, especially since we know a good portion of our virtual users are under 18.
  • Yes, I've already got a quite long list of projects I wanna be patreon for, and as soon as I can afford it, I'll do it. If MTGCardsmith then is still one of the sites I get the most fun out, I'll definetly support it.

    I love that the great, fun service provided here is free, but if someone can afford it, he or she should pay what the enjoyment is worth for him or her. Being able to spend money on let's say a starbucks coffee every single day and still using this site for free would be quite a ****move.
  • Anyone can mock up a magic card with a variety of software. This site helps streamline it, stores it in a collection and provides a ton of social features like voting/favoriting, commenting, the forums, etc. You're not just making cards (though some are), you're participating in a community and sharing your ideas.
  • We're going to be performing some maintenance tonight, the main site will be offline starting at 4:30pm PST. Thank you for your patience!
  • Thank you for the warning!!!
  • @mtgcardsmith
    Keep up the hard/good work!
  • Online services have returned, thanks for your patience!
  • So far I like the fixes I've noticed!
    Kudos from me too!
  • I'm sorry, but what fixes are they?
  • Some premium feature fixes are what I've seen so far, but I haven't explored too much yet
  • Like the "edit card" button!
  • Pretty sure that's just a myth
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    No, it exists, for real! Right next to the download button next to the cardname.

    You have to reselect an image, but it retains all the info on the card! Thank you @mtgcardsmith!
  • You mean that awesome looking pencil?
    I don't think that actually does anything!
  • We made some small updates to the cardmakers and token maker, improved the data being stored for each card and added a new Premium Feature: Edit Card (currently in beta, more details to follow).

    Coming up we've got some small additions to add (Kaladesh, we hear you) and some larger infrastructure tasks to address.

    As always, thank you for your support and patronage!
  • @mtgcardsmith
    Just FYI, the tokens should be able to have different names-to-subtype.
  • @Corwinnn, @Mtgcardsmith, I really really want to ask you guys to do something.

    Please make it so that email verification is necessary for making an account, so we won't have 3627191746451881919938838474765689292100 spam accounts.
  • @TrippleBoggey3 - we only have 5,738,912 spam accounts now. We've eliminated a good portion of them
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