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  • WOW!!!

    I'm gonna throw a party!
  • I'll get my party hat!
  • Will non-premium members be abled to edit their cards without deleting and remaking them sometimes soon? I'd really like that feature, since my wording and spelling abilities are not the best...
  • @Mila - Editing is going to remain a Premium feature. We've had long discussions about it, and what it boils down to is that it would be impossible to maintain the integrity of the site if some of our more inappropriate cardmakers were able to just wait for their acceptable cards to slip past everyone, and then change their cards to be inappropriate.
  • @Corwinnn, How about allowing that feature for trustable people, like me... And @Mila... Even other people who are really famous yet don't have premium?
  • @TrippleBoggey3 Great idea :D But I think, that might be unfair and would bring problems.
    @Corwinn, you just tell no one and I won't too ;)
  • Or we can just have @Corwinnn secretly give us the feature...
  • Maybe one could win this feature in contests ... ;)
  • If anyone can point me in the direction of some high quality Kaladesh set icons (100px or above), it would help a long way in getting them added to the site. Cheers!
  • @Feyamus I entered the contest and hope for the best :)
  • @mtgcardsmiths, all the ones I've found have terrible quality.

    I'll try to find a good one.
  • @mtgcardsmith, by the way, do you mind updating this site's html coding, so that the forums and card itself has access to the newest html coding?
  • Hey. Any progress being made towards M15 Planeswalkers?
  • We should have like a leaderboard for stuff like:
    -Most Followers
    -Card with most favorites
    -Most contests won
    -Blah Blah Blah
  • Kaladesh set icons released (still working on finding energy icon).
    Blog has a shiny new face-lift.
    September Crack-a-pack video released!
  • edited September 2016
    @mtgcardsmith You could possibly extract it from this?
    You could also trace a vector image and then scale it down.
  • Thanks CK, may give the vector a shot this weekend (too much jpg in that asset).
  • @mtgcardsmith, From the problems I've seen so far, the biggest things we need are just more borders. Things like mobile support feel more like minor things that can be easily fixed.

    I noticed on patron that $175 would be addional playmats. I think supporters would much rather have their money be spent on newer features than just 2 playmats.
  • I dunno, I have the playmats and they're pretty nice. However, the Playmats was an add on bonus. Previously there wasn't much between the $150 and the $200 goals. The playmats is just an incentive on our way to the $200 goal... and it isn't just Playmats, you get a pack of Modern Masters as well. (someone awesome probably donated them!)
    They're always working on stuff... they don't just work when they get money, but it's not a full time job, so things take a bit more time.
    We're only $34 away from the $200 goal of hiring developmental resources, but the one I'm the most excited about is the $250 goal of NO ADS!
  • This is a very simple request:
    1. Allow mobile to see the featured card. Extended mobile support is... Ya know... Not too simple.
    2. Incorporate HTML 5 into the forums.
  • @mtgcardsmith any luck with tracing the vector image?
  • edited October 2016
    To use the new Energy counter symbol in your cards, you can now use the {e} shortcode in the M15 card editor!

    Ability icons for Energy, Snow and Untap have been added and display in the quick options list.

    Tablet users can now see the featured card on the homepage, in the Community section.
  • That's Fantastic!! Thank you so much!
  • How do you do the snow or untap symbol?
  • "do you mind updating this site's html coding, so that the forums and card itself has access to the newest html coding?"

    This is genius. I can't imagine why no one thought of this before. I'll just write up a visual basic GUI to track their IPs and we can have it done in no time at all.
  • That sounds like a great plan.
  • edited October 2016
    @strongbelieves, Sorry, but I do not understand.

    Why are you always so grumpy and sarcastic? I don't think the kids here really like it. I mean I'm fine, but I've had friends complain...
  • Yo guys, here's an announcement:

    @TrippleBoggey3, Me, might (very likely) be able to become a $10 per month patron! This hasn't been confirmed yet, because my dad is still talking about "waste of money" and "nerdy card stuff" but I've pretty much convinced him.

    When that happens, first, we will reach the $175 goal, and then we will be able to have 2 playmats! Also, I will either host a contest for obtaining the second premium account or just give it away!

    But this isn't confirmed yet...
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