Hello and welcome to the fair!
I will be your most gracious host and judgmental, well judge!

I will guide you through the chaos and help you with your tasks. Let us just hope that nothing, err- unfortunate happens.
Will you be slain by the Slandering Centipedes?!
Will you be skewered by the Sulking Salamanders?!
Or perhaps even strangled by the Sinful Sawfish?!

You may become allied with the Armed Alligators!
Or maybe friends with the Frothing Frids!

The fair is fun time for all! Come join us, prove you skill, show your showmanship, astonish the crowd with your abilities!!!

For this is not a normal fair, a fact in which you will come find out very soon.

This will operate somewhat weirdly;

You will be given a faction each week or so, when asked to create a card, you must make it within that faction. I will say the name of the faction, the rest is left up to your imagination.

Ask for a challenge, I will give one to you. For every successful challenge, you will gain 1 point, you may not gain more than 1 point from a challenge in 1 day.

Every once in a while there will be a SPEED ROUND!!!. In a Speed Round, I will give the most difficult and utterly wackiest challenge I can think of! The first person to post a card for this challenge will win 4 points, and get to pick the faction for the next week.

By the end of June, I will rack up the points, the person with the most points will get a somewhat unexceptional prize and THE SATISFACTION OF WINNING!!!! You will also receive the title of GRAND CARNIVAL MASTER!!!

I hate when people use art already on MTG cards, DO NOT do that.

I hate when people mess up the text on the card so that it is not grammatically sound, the words run off the card, or the wording is not right. DO NOT do that.

I will post the first faction shortly

HAVE FUN and good luck, those Armed Alligators are the toughest around!


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