WAR! What is it good for?

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Making cards and playing magic, apparently. It's what we're going to be doing today. This is going to be fun. Let's go through what you're doing step by step, then make some rules.
Step 1: Choose your faction, or make a new one. A faction can be a tribe (Humans, Vampires, Goblins) a broader color combination (Jeskai, Rakdos, Grixis) or something a little different (Elder Dragons, Phyrexian, S.N.E.A.K.). Along with choosing your faction, make some lore for them if their new, and make a reason for them fighting if they aren't. If you have a question, just ask. Oh, and 1 person per faction.
Step 2: Create a Card for your general, or leader of your faction/army. Legendary, around 10 CMC, should have mechanics setting the rest of the faction and buffing your other dudes. Your Generals will probably end up fighting, so just buffing other units is probably not enough.
Step 2: Create cards for your Officers/High Ranking Soldiers. 3 legendary cards, around 6 CMC. Officers are more buffing other dudes, high ranking soldiers are more fighty dudes.
Step 3: Create cards for your soldiers. The rank and file, 2-3 cards as well, non legendary. If 2 cards, around 4 CMC, if 3, 3 CMC. If you want to just make these Vanilla creatures with pushed stats, that's fine.
Step 4: Create support. Just make 1-2 sorceries. Same CMC rules as soldier, just 1 less card.
Step 4: WAR. Untap.in, put all these cards in custom. You will be fighting in Untap, attacking creatures is allowed, and you have 10 lands. Your deck consists of all soldiers already on the battlefield, the rest in your hand. 4 copies of each soldier.

1. No changing the steps above, unless your army relies on it. If so, ask me.
2. Make your cards balanced.

I'll organise any battles, and I'll be making my own faction. For last. If you want to make new cards inbetween battles to represent change, say you want to make a new leader or promote a officer to leader after your leader died, go ahead. That's cool. Rewards will be decided based on how many people participate. I'll probably end up favoriting all of the cards made for this challenge, though. Good luck, and have fun!


  • For the sake of pointing something out:

    "Life isn't a thing, you lose when all your creatures are dead."

    That's a recipe for ruin if I ever saw one. I get what you're trying to do, but it'll lead to some really counterintuitive card design and probably (read "certainly") result in metagaming of some sort from somebody.
  • @MemoryHead Fixed, becuase you're right
  • Nice, that seems a lot better now. It'll still have some problems, but at least they aren't that particular problem.
  • Oh, I don't have access to untap
  • @pjbear2005 Don't YOU have a challenge based around Untap?
  • @Netherin5 I do, but I use a school computer and it got blocked because one of my friends was playing it in class.
  • crossbreed labs!
    Holvk was picked by jumblemorph to lead his army.
    Sir Prince is a specially designed warrior.
    Formwards is a strange runaway that got picked up by the army.
    Frorm is an exotic inventor that joined the labs.

    I will put the soldiers and support later.

  • image
    soldier 1
  • image
    Soldier 2
    support 1
    support 2

  • @KorandAngels I did not expect Un- cards. Weird. I like it.
  • @Netherin5

    Okay, I'm game! Will post in a few hours.
  • This died.
  • It's been less than a week. Give it some time
  • Yeah, was considering joining.
  • For the sake of saying what I've just realised I should have said, I'll make some cards and join if others do.
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    Simic from an alternate multiverse where they take over the world using a bizzare biomancery-version living planar bridge made from astral krasites. Meet Krix, as he pioneers the new mutate mechanic!



    In this alternate timeline, Momir Vig's cytoplasts accidentally kill him, but a lowly Simic member named Krix proves able to control them. He takes lead of the guild, and carries out Momir Vig's dream of augmenting all of Ravnica's denizens. They then use biomagnetic lures to attract planeswalkers to Ravnica, trapping them there and forcing them to transport Simic legions to other planes and take over neighbouring worlds. They then develop life-extending technologies, so that Krix never has to die, and he has now been conquering the worlds around for 500 years.



    1. Keleghen has just appeared one day. A test experiment gone wrong? An aspiring mage wanting recognition while staying anonymous? BRAINWASHED RAL ZAREK? We may never know his true identity, but he's helpful either way.

    2. Ily-Leron was Jace's son. They held him ransom to get Jace to do their bidding, then disposed of Jace and wiped Leron's memory. He is now a loyal servant to Krix, using his mind and prowess to take creatures to new forms.

    3. Grularox was just an eldrazi scion when the titans devoured Zendikar (there was no gatewatch to stop them). But when his masters returned to the blind eternities, he strayed from the path and was left behind. He would have surely rotted into dust, if the Simic didn't wander upon the dead hulk of Zendikar, and the surge of magic gave Grularox new life. He now serves them as a protector, but his motives are still unknown.



    1. From the toxic waste the simic factories put out over the centuries, mutated counstructs of great power. They had to survive in the changing city, so they incorporated Simic goo into their genome. They can now take new forms at will. Some were tamed by the biomancers, and put to use in the colonising forces.

    2. With complete dominance over Ravnica, the Simic could delve further into the underground oceans, and recruit into their army such creatures that were never seen before.

    3. Fish were caught in Ravnica's natural streams, and then given motherly instincts, so they now surve as hatchers and protectors of the numerous Simic mutant divisions that leave underdeveloped offspring.



    AND THAT, is the

    MULTIVERSE #003 Version of the Simics!

  • P.S. Because I used both Graft and Evolve (previosly known Simic mechanics), some of you must be wondering why I didn't include Adapt, the biomancer mechanic from Ravnica Allegiance.

    To put it simply, I think Adapt is bad, not good enough for the Simic, too much like Monstrosity, and also BAD.

    So I'll just say it doesn't exist in this timeline.

    P.P.S. @MemoryHead, your move!
  • @HeroKP I left some feedback on Biomancer's Nexus, though it might not be good feedback if the card was made strictly for this format.

    To everybody, I'll get working on something.
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