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Hi - I just paid for a premium account. Is it possible to create cards that I don't publish to the public?? I am making a set for a friend with our own inside jokes and people's names and pictures. I don't see how to save a card I've created without publishing it to the world. Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this - I couldn't find a support email.




  • I don't think you can but I personally download and save the final products of all the cards I make onto my laptop. You could make them, download/save them somewhere, then just not publish them.
    Edit: Take that first part with a grain of salt though because I'm not exactly an authority here, I only started making cards like last September.
  • You can save the image when you are previewing a card, so then that's a way to keep them private.
  • That's too bad. I don't really understand how that's not a feature. It's as if Google Docs forced you to share every doc with everyone right when you create it. I guess the spirit of the site is to make cards for the purpose of sharing them (I see all the discussion of contests and so forth). But wouldn't people want to save cards they are working on before they are ready to share? Isn't that just a fundamental principle of any creative process? So strange. Well, I'm out $5 but that's OK. I'm glad to support the site either way as it seems to be a labor of love and clearly sparks creativity and joy - something the world can use more of.
  • It's worth mentioning that almost no one pays attention to the random, 0-like cards towards the bottom of the Cardsmith home screen (they're mostly low-quality cards anyway, the featured and popular is really where the well-made cards re). To me, getting worried that other people will see (and take objection to) your cards if you publish them is like worrying a stranger will start talking to you when you just walk down the street. It happens sometimes, but most people just mind their own business.

    If you really want to, as mentioned above you can download. I don't want to dismiss your issue, as it seems legitimate, but I wanted to put my opinion out there.
  • Hi Oluwa:

    No worries, that's a fair point. In my particular case I'm making a deck for a friend that has lots of personal information and off color jokes, personal pics, etc. Using the example you gave, it would be like if a friend and I were having a personal conversation and we moved into a public space. We probably would change the tone of the conversation because we were out in public.

    I ended up downloading Artifice which worked fine. Still happy to have spent the $5 here.

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