Pledge Challenge

Hello and welcome to an actual challenge!

This challenge will be based on Pledge cards, these are a type of card I made myself. Pledges are just aura cards named like Pledge of _____ or something similar. Here's some examples:

image image

The basis of a pledge card is that it is an Aura, has a primary effect, and has something that can cause you to sacrifice. You can get as creative as you want as long as you follow the rules.

Oath cards will also be allowed


1) Joke cards are allowed
2) Old cards are allowed (If they follow the card layout)
3) No entry limit
4) Try your best to find the artist for your cards


1st Place: 4 Favorites

2nd Place 3 Favorites

3rd Place: 2 Favorites

Honorable Mention: 1 Favorite


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