Just a thing I'm doing to meet fellow new forum members (All welcome!)

Hello fellow cardsmiths, I want to see some new faces in this thread so I can follow some new cardsmiths. So I thought why not make this a friendly challenge!

Prizes: Two entrants of this meet and greet will win the following.
- 1 month of premium subscription.

Steps to enter:
1) Post your favorite card you made, if you already have one. Not required. :)
2) Post one of your favorite cards someone else made.

Note: You won't be judged on the cards posted. It's just so I can see what you like.

Feel free to chat in the comments as well. I'd like to see what you're up to these days!


  • Is there a limit to how long we've been active?
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    Nope. Everyone is welcome.
  • Hi.
    I'm Corwinnn.
    My name has 3 n's.
    I'm not too new, so I'm not trying to win any prizes.
    A Favorite Card I Made is...
    A Favorite Card that @Teacup made is...
  • So, I'm going to break the rules a tiny bit, because I can't decide between my two favorite cards I've made, but also can't decide between two cards I really love from other cardsmiths, so I'm going to sneak all four in :P
    Also, I used to be around back in like, 2015 or something, but only recently returned.
    So, my two cards:

    As for the other cardsmith's cards we have
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    Thank you very much, it wasn't a very rigid rule. I just wanted to see your interests.

    By the way, if you have any ideas for contests/challenges you'd like to see happen, mention them here so I can consider starting or sponsoring some. I want to see what people are looking for from the forums!
  • Will do! I know I personally enjoy things that encourage character and world building.
  • My name is Daedalus, I have been on here for (literally) just over a year. 1 year and 13 days as of me posting this comment. And like @Corwinnn, I am not trying to win any prizes even though I, unlike Corwinnn, am on the newer side.

    My favorite card(s) I've made would probably be one of these two:
    image image
    They are both from different sets. My Abathra set is based around direct creature destruction and sacrifice while my Gareth set is based around casting things from exile.

    My favorite card someone else made is definitely this:
    Just imagine the chaos and headaches this would cause.
  • Thanks everybody, make sure to enter the contest inspired by Red_Tower.
    The Towering of Planes (Oathbreaker Character Creation contest)
  • Hey guys, so I've been on mtgcs since February 2017. I've been on the forums since March 2017, but I didn't get actively involved until about November/December 2017 roughly. I'm kicking myself in the butt for it because I think I might have missed the chance to get at least 1 earnable avatar in that stretch of time I wasn't actively using the forums. At any rate, one of my favorite cards I made is:

    Darkness Skulker


    A favorite card by another cardsmith is

    Loki, Lord of the Wings by @lostcause626


    I started this last night but I fell asleep doing it lol.
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    I'm ArmisJoe, with no n's.

    I discovered mtgcardsmith some years ago when I had to do some coop version of MTG for my uni degree so we had to create our own cards with coop mechanics. I came back in december 2018 and decided to create some cards I came up with, and ended up joining the forums about a month ago.

    I was going to post Kaya's Task, but I'm going to go with personal attachment...


    I don't want to fix the rulings because it would lose its magic

    A favorite card by another cardsmith is Ydiri and Shu, Inseparable by Crimson

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