I will keep watch. (Ongoing challenge.)

So, I mentioned to @Faiths_Guide that I thought it would be a neat idea to create a "permanent" list where in, the next person to post, creates a card for the person who posted before them. Carrying on the theme of "Oaths". Which are currently being created for @DARKSTEEL in a separate contest.

Oath of the Forgewatch

So, as there is no other before me in this thread, I shall be the first to create, for a team of people who have already sworn an oath to us all, and continue to honour it to this day.

Oath of the Cardsmith

Oaths should keep in line with the structure of the several real MtG cards that were created.

Oath of ~

Legendary permanent

"When Oath of ~ enters the battlefield, effect."

And an ability that revolves around planeswalkers.

There are no prizes or deadlines, this is merely an ongoing challenge to create an Oath for the person that came before you. Hope you have fun and enjoy it.


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