Games Galore!


In this new contest, you must create a card based off of a Video Game character or event or a board game.

Prize: 1 favorite on up to 3 cards.
1: No too jokey cards (make them playable in standard, you know. But still make them fun)
2: You may submit up to one entry.
3: New cards only.
4: You MUST have fun

Happy Making!


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    My entry:
  • @ThePhantomJoker, you have no idea how hilarious me seeing that on the recent page was. Since I finished the AP test for English we were just playing monopoly in class.
  • @Ranshi922 Happy, that I made your day :)
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    Our favorite survival horror freshman, all with herbs included on his abilities!
  • My Entry and 1st card since returning to this wonderful site :D
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    Anyone say Mass Effect? image
    Oh I wish we could do more than one for this contest, that would be soo fun!
    Technically not another card, just a token made to go with the first one.
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  • Can't believe no one else beat to the punch.
  • @Derain2, that Link is amazing!
  • @Derain2, Same here, I can't believe I didn't think of that. There could be so many Links, Hero of Time, Masked Hero, the list goes on. You could probably build an entire deck of just Links lol.
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    We only get one entry, so I went with a classic!

    Sub-Zero from the Mortal Kombat series

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    @madstokie I gave your card a fave and you a follow. Welcome back to the site! :)
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    This series has lots of video games too, obviously.
  • Wait... only one entry?
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    Gotta throw in my boy Kirby xD. Also, would be nice to know when this contest closes.

    1: No too jokey cards (make them playable in standard, you know. But still make them fun)
    2: You may submit up to THREE(3) entries.
    3: New cards only.
    4: You MUST have fun
  • Also, could you tell me what games the cards are from?
  • @Dom_Rocks do you want a singular game? Because My 1st entry, Sub-Zero, he has been in every Mortal Kombat game made that I know of. Does that count, or does it got to be only 1 game?
  • image

    this is from Odin Sphere, I really like this game haha, it's very beautiful
  • I think I might use the version of Howard from Contest of Champions...
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    My favorite pokémon :3


    edit: I didn't know what creature type should it be and I thought Pokémon was quite fitting. But if it's too outside the box I can go with beast or cat hound maybe?
  • @sorinjace, no, I just want to know the games so I can look them up and see how well the cards match up to their real-live counterparts. It does not have to be one singular game.
  • @ArmisJoe, that doesn't matter to me.
  • Black Hole (B) (B) (B) (1)

    Destroy one artifact, enchantment, or creature

    (2) Destroy another artifact, enchantment, creature, or plainswalker

  • (B) is Black
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    @OcToPuS470 first thing is that it would be
    Secondly, you are destroying stuff that one color could not do alone. Ya best make it Golgari. (Green and Black)
    Thirdly, What type of spell would it be?
    Finally, What bloody game is it from?
    (I think i know with a 95% sureness about it.)
    Side Note: I have actually created a card on what I think OcToPuS470 might want.
  • Anywho, here are my three entries

    First is... Mortal Kombat...
    And yes it's a bloody murder renamed.... That's... The..... Joke.

    Second card comes from a game series I love and adore. One of my first "sets' was for this game series...@Derain2 did the hero you play... I did the one you "Save"
    Plus what does she do to Ganondorf every game over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over.... Ya get it.
    She exiles the Bast' into the spirit realm or realm of equivalentcy to the spirit realm. It the series named after her... Is

    Finally, this @Corwinnn 's evil twin is unmistakable. Rude, crass and full of chocolate and booze it's my Favorite red squirrel... King CONKER!

    Here's a little extra on conker... At the end of the game he's king of the land. But during the game you make a lot of money and friends. They help you out in their own way. "Helpda squrgy! Hey hey hey!" Which you could say adds more power. The token generation is there because in actual MTG there's only 6 other squirrels. None of them red but conker seems mad don't you think.
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