Enchantment Creature Challenge

Enchantment Creature Challenge

Hey y'all! I really enjoy enchantment creatures, and I think that is largely because they tend to have really nice art. *shrug*

That being said, here's a lil' challenge to make an enchantment creature (I know, I know, it isn't a very unique idea, and I'm sure the contest has been done before, but hhh oh well). The cards will be judged on the following criteria:

0-10 Points for the artwork
0-10 Points for the flavor text
0-10 Points for creativity and design

A few rules:

No joke cards.
You can enter up to 3 times.
You can enter up to 1 card that was published before 6 May 2019 EST.
The contest will end on 1 June 2019 at 12:00 (12:00 AM) EST.
Any colours are fine.

All cards that score 25/30s or above get favorites on those cards, and all cards that receive 30/30s earn a follower for the Cardsmith that posted them!

Here's one of my own:


Have fun! I hope this goes well. :D


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    Old card:
    New card 1:
    EDIT: I forgot the set symbol on the dancer.
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    Alsat, Lone Wanderer

    Cute little concept, but maybe its original casting cost should just be imageimage, since it would just be a 1/2 with nothing else. Just a little suggestion.

    9/10: Awesome choice on the artwork
    3/10: Flavor text
    5/10: Neat little concept to have it essentially be creating a 3/4 creature with hexproof. However, the writing errors take away from the design with slightly confusing and unorthodox way of wording everything (i.e. it should say that Alsat is attached to this creature as opposed to enchanting it).

    Overall: 17/30.

    Dancer in the Trees

    Interesting card! Question though: does each Forest pay for imageimage or just image? With how it's worded right now, it sounds like imageimage, which is kind of fun and unique.

    10/10: Artwork fits the card very well!
    0/10: No flavor text! I see that it couldn't fit. Maybe throw what it would be in your comment? I'll revisit it if you do! :D
    6/10: Designed well, but again the wording and grammar both need a bit of work. This is particularly interesting because, if the mana thing above is correct, then it is a turn three 5/4 that can't do a whole lot (yet).

    Overall: 16/30
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    1. I intended for the dancer to be able to be cast with forest as if they where mountains (so they just add R). But the other way works well too!
    2. I don't know how to comment on cards; I wright the comment but can't post it.
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    @SammySammyson @KorandAngels At current, tapping a Forest for Dancer in the Trees in relation to its ability will pay for R, not RG. For the sake of explaining, it's like how convoke is worded:

    Convoke (Your creatures can help cast this spell. Each creature you tap while casting this spell pays for 1 or one mana of that creature's color.)

    And how tapping a Llanowar Elves for a convoke creature doesn't pay for two mana.
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  • @KorandAngels I meant you could edit your post here on the forums for the flavor text :D

    Writing comments on cards uses Disqus, so you need to register for that to comment.

    @MemoryHead that makes a lot of sense! Thanks B)
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    Kheir River Nurturer

    Interesting ramp card. I like it!

    9/10: Lovely choice on the art!
    8/10: Awesome flavor text.
    8/10: The design is nice, and I love how it kinds of provides options for ramping with the card. Just needs some cleanup (i.e. It should be {t}: Add {u} or {g}.)

    Overall: 25/30
  • imageimage

    My cards use my custom mechanic Enact, which references a new enchantment subtype “Law”. Like cartouche in AKH, Law has no mechanical meaning but can be referenced in the game. These entries are flavored as creatures that exist in a world where the law is so prevalent that laws are actually “alive”.
  • The last one was created long before May 6th:
    image image image
  • Old Card:
    “Death begets death, but is not always so black and white as the end of a life; death may come to a man, or to an ideal, or even to the land itself. In all cases, one thing remains the same; where death goes, I follow.”
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    Pathward Barrier

    As someone who primarily uses WU control, I love the idea of the law manifesting into creatures. It's a really cool idea! And enact? What a creative mechanic to go along with it!

    9/10: Great art choice
    0/10: No flavor text (feel free to @ me here and say what it would be, or edit the card and @ me about that if you'd like to!)
    9/10: I don't think I need much explaining here -- the card and the mechanic behind it are very well designed.

    Overall: 18/30

    Ephemeral Admonisher

    Again, a good control card whose abilities reflect the goal of the design.

    10/10: The art fits very well
    10/10: Amazing and well-thought flavor text
    10/10: Awesome design

    Overall: 30/30

    Living Law

    I can't get over how well-designed these cards are. The artwork for this one...I love the choice you made; how it's a script that's vaguely formed into a living creature.

    10/10: Explained the art already kek
    10/10: Great flavor text that gives way to the explanation of Law. Makes me think about this in the real world where law can often become part of moral and tradition.
    10/10: Love the design

    Overall: 30/30

    As a note for everyone, I am going to change the winning criteria because, well, I don't think my scoring system worked well for me (at the least, it was hard to score without a baseline, and the baseline I set did not do the most entries justice). Thus, I'm going to change it to have all cards that score 25/30s or above get favorites on those cards, and all cards that receive 30/30s earn a follower for the Cardsmith that posted them.
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    Similar to above, this is a neat control card. It brings a mechanic similar to Clamor Shaman's into blue, except it, you know, fits blue. Also penalizes its attackers a little bit; overall, a lovely card that I'd love to have in my deck.

    10/10: Well-chosen artwork
    0/10: No flavor text (feel free to @ me here and say what it would be, or edit the card and @ me about that if you'd like to!)
    10/10: Great and efficiently-worded design

    Overall: 20/30

    Wary Hyleoroi

    Cute card with an ability that would go very well into a deck with constellations in 'em.

    10/10: Lovely art choice
    10/10: Maybe I'm overthinking the flavor text, but I read it as relating to the life gain event and the +1/+1 as precautions to help avoid certain deaths. Great choice!
    10/10: Awesome design, huzzah!

    Overall: 30/30

    Whim, God of Chance

    This is an awesome WUBRG card, and those are always fun to mess around with. Adding a unique element of chance into Magic is always interesting, and the ability to redraw in that way is a fantastic idea to help get late-game cards out.

    10/10: Duh, great choice on the art
    0/10: No flavor text :(
    8/10: Maybe I'm big dumb, but should there be a method described on the card to determine said random color? Just to avoid disputes between players about the method by which this is determined, that is. Feel free to object to this though (perhaps that would be a ruling rather than a specific explanation on the card), n' I'll change this to a 10/10 if appropriate!

    Overall: 18/30
  • @Daedalus_The_All_Father

    Before I dive into the card, I just want to say that I played Daedalus in a...rather...interesting comedy and your name gives me flashbacks. Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming.

    Abathra, God of Death

    Throw some afterlife on the board and lots of black mana at your disposal, and by golly you've got quite a lot of permanents to make your opponents sacrifice. Ouch.

    10/10: The art fits v well
    10/10: The flavor text matches the "main" ability very well, and I love the inclusion of "land" to coincide with the term permanent as opposed to creature. Nice.
    10/10: Great design, would definitely make me upsetti spaghetti since I run WU control and...well, if I am unable to remove or counter this then uh, rest in peace my three (3) creatures (also please note that that 3 is a joke asdfhlsakfs).

    Overall: 30/30
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