Unordinary Ordinary People aka Citizens to the Rescue (Finished)

Hello, fellow Cardsmiths! Let me welcome you to my fun little contest. What's it about, you ask? That's simple:

You've probably noticed the creature type Citizen, that appeared in War of the Spark (but also before). For a refreshment, there are some cards, that I'm talking about:

image image

My challange for you is to create a card, that either has the Citizen creature type, or has the Citizen type written somewhere in the text box. Yup, that's all!

Submit your entries here, I'm looking forward to seeing them. There are three entries on a person. The winners will be anounced whenever I feel it's right.

There are not really any prizes, because I'm new to this contest-creating stuff, but you can await some favorites and kind comments.


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