"JBYT_EarthRealm" Set Contest! (Judging Phase)


Welcome to part 2 of the contest. Our Judges (Me, @Elektronikcraft, and @SomeGuy36) have chosen our favorites out of our entries! Here they are!

@JBYT_LoadedTommy's (My) Vote: http://mtgcardsmith.com/view/realms-of-uncertainty#.VYuLcUvY9D0

Reason for choice: Powerful game changer. Great when played with cards that turn over cards and let you look at face down cards.

@Elektronikcraft's Vote: http://mtgcardsmith.com/view/scab-clan-aristocrat?list=user#.VYtWcO1VhBc

Reason for choice: Simple and straightforward, but powerful. Great for aggro.

@SomeGuy36's Vote: http://mtgcardsmith.com/view/azax-physeri-god-of-phyrexia?list=user

Reason for Choice: May need changes to fit into set, but as a standalone card in a phyrexian deck it handles well!

Your job as a finalist: @Tomigon. @cadstar369. @Gafratt01. You have a very important task. You have to explain why your card should be picked as the winner of the contest! Keep it brief, but try to state everything about your card.

Your job as a viewer: You cannot enter, but DON'T LEAVE! Please evaluate the 3 cards and pick your favorite! Give a short description of why you pick it, and you're all done!


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    Here's some music to listen to while you vote or make cards... or you can be like me and play it like it's your MTG anthem or something XD.

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    My "Realms of Uncertainty" is the card that delay players' move. The trouble is bigger for players who built the deck with color weighted cards and/or multicolor cards. That means this card saves you when your cards' power/number in your hand are low.
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    Before I talk about Scab-Clan Aristocrat himself, let me give some lore about the Scab-Clan:

    The Scab Clan is the most violent of the Gruul Clans. This is because every member of it has been tortured, mutilated, or crippled by the organizations of civilization. The members of this clan make up for these deficiencies by cooperating with each other.

    Thus, Scab-Clan Aristocrat is a noble who has been scarred by political intrigue or some such, and been cast out of whatever guild he came from. He joined the Gruul to fight against the civilization that scarred him, and because he's so physically weak, he ended up in the Scab Clan. He fits in the "aggressive cooperation" of the Scab Clan by giving your creatures benefits for what red/green does best: Attacking with lots of creatures, and doing lots of things to those creatures (mainly buff spells, and Gruul also has Bloodrush in particular).
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