MTGCS Challenge: Wranglin' some Kronches

War of the Spark is upon us, and one of the goofiest cards in the set is easily: Kronch Wrangler

This challenge is for all the Kronch Marbles, so to speak.
Give me a custom Kronch or Kronch Wrangling-related card that would fit within WAR.

One Winner will be decided at the end of May, the prizes are:
- One month Premium Subscription
- One physical copy of Kronch Wrangler for your very own!
- 3 of the new MTGCS Rare Set Stickers, now available in the store!

One entry per person so make it count!



  • @Corwinnn More like kronch screamer.
  • I am wondering why someone would need 3 of the sticker. I have one on my chromebook and it’s holding up extremely well.
  • You could give it as gifts to other people
  • @MonkeyPirate2002 <- this guy stickers!
  • image
    I didn't set out to do the pun, but I couldn't resist once I thought of it...
  • Had this idea, and conveniently it turns out there were no red enchantments in WAR, so this fills a spot nicely.
  • image

    Here's one!
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    made with @Tomigon art! I wish to congratulate and thank you again xD
  • @ArashiKun Just put an @ before their name and it will notify them.
  • @ArashiKun

    I notice some problems with your wording, here is a better portrayed version of the card's text

    "When Freed Kronch enters the battlefield, deal four damage to a random creature target opponent controls. (I would bump it down to two just for balance purposes)

    Whenever a creature with power four or greater enters the battlefield and causes one or more abilities to trigger, deal four damage to random target creature on the battlefield instead."

    "When it ran away from us, we started to run away from it instead."
    -Kronch wrangler

    Also, whenever text starts to run off of the sides of the text box you want to click behind the words that run off and press enter/return
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    oh thanks for you feedback, but I propositally put random enemy target and random target, to make players and planeswalkers valid targets, I would put an errata to tell that an enemy target is:(an enemy player or a valid permanent to this target they control)

    but in the case of the flavor text you're absolutly right, I'm not perfeclty fluent in english, and my mother language is portugues, so I wasn't sure if I wrote that correclty, so thanks for this!

    I'll correct this! thank you so much
  • @ArashiKun probably the biggest issue you have when it comes to english on your cards is capitalization and punctuation and a few minor uses of the wrong word or missing a word that did or didn't need to be pluralized. If you ever want help feel free to shoot me a message.
  • @Red_Tower yeah, my biggest problem, eve in portuguese really is punctuation :v
    but feel free to correct me in this grammar things, I stopped my english course because it was becoming so expansive, but I wish I could finish faster as I can.

    oh, and thanks for the worry ^^
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    here is te actualized version, changed the flavor a little bit to it be more intuitive, and corrected some wording points, I think that it's valid leaving the errata of enemy target:
    an enemy player or a valid permanent to this target they control

    art by: @Tomigon sorry I forgot to put your name in the new version of the card :/ but I credited you n the comments of the card an in here so I hope you don't get ressentment
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  • @pstmdrn I believe we're only allowed one submission.
  • @Red_Tower Thanks, I am still am deciding. I am visual and like to see all the cards out, with the other entries, it helps me pick.
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    He fits on WAR, he fits on Standard, he fits on your Commander Beast Tribal deck.

  • @bnew07
    Nice flavor text XD
  • Kronch time is running out!
  • @ArashiKun
    The link doesn't go to the card!
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    Here's my submission!
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    Attack, Attack, ATTACK!!!
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    (Hope I'm not too late)
  • Cereal? Captain Crunch? :)

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