Arabia Reformed

As all the Vintage players or Super-Rare card collectors know, Arabian Nights was a M:TG set that came out in December of 1993. Back then, cards like Library of Alexandria or Bazaar of Bagdad were around $30.00. Sure, back then, before Magic was popular, wasting money on pieces of cardboard seemed useless and stupid. However, now-a-days, any slightly experienced Magic player would snap that deal up in seconds. Anyway, I want you guys to make cards (balanced please) that would fit the aspects of Arabian Nights. Those aspects being Djinn's, Efreet's, Sinbad, Aladdin, and traveling to exotic lands such as Deserts, Cities of Brass, Elephant Graveyards (What were you thinking Richard Garfield?), Pyramids, and, well so on so on. You can see the cards from AN in this link:["Arabian Nights"] . So yeah, I think that you guys are creative enough to come up with something cool and Arabian-ish for me to judge. First place will get a favorite and the joy of winning, and second and third will be cool and stuff, and the rest of you will get eaten by Djinn's. No, really Juzam is waiting under your bed. Anyway, I will be commenting on all the cards I'm able to that are posted on here, so yeah, enjoy. Sorry that that was really long.


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