War of Terrina!

Welcome to Terrina!

Now pick a side and let the fighting begin!!

What? You want information?. Sight. Ok then.
(For contest information, see the first comment)
So what is this?
Terrina is a world/set/block or setting that I have planned to use for this and also future contests, challenges and sagas. (If the popularity supports it.) The world is more defined than Clancularius that is used in Planeswalker's Journey but much less than Avelaide that is used in Tournament of Champions.
This means that I have put out some corner stones. The rest is up to you.

Terrina is a peninsula in the center of the world Traquiell and makes up the battlefield between three Realms.
The alliance of Eseria, The followers of Duxos and the coalition of Jugralia have been raging war over the peninsula for a very long time. Even though the borders changes all the time due to victories, they never remain so for long before they are taken back. The peninsula is not everything the three powers are fighting over. In the middle of Terrina, there is an island, defended by a lake, host to a typhoon of tremendous power. The island of the name Ketralis, contains the ruins of an ancient civilization together with the secrets to their power. The three powers are seeking to take control over the island but to do so, they need to seize the typhoon, which can only be done with nine contraptions that are located around the lake. No realm have ever been in control of all nine at the same time so the storm have not been seized, yet.

The realms
The three realms, the "good" Eseria, the "bad" Duxos and the "ugly" Jugralia each consists of a large numbers of factions. Some major, some minor. How and why these cooperate are different both for each of the powers and each faction.
The one direct similarity between factions within each alliance/union is the "god" they worship. The Eserian factions worship the supreme archangel, the Duxos worship the prime arch demon and the Jugralian factions worship the arch dragon or behemoth dragon.

Here Beneath is some common information about each realm.
Major factions: These are only a few of the largest/strongest or most influential factions of each side.
Common races: A few of the most common races for each side.
Important people. A few important people.
Colors: The general distribution of each color for each side. (Not any strict rules how much colors each side must have on their cards.)

The alliance of Eseria
"Conquest and order"
The alliance of Eseria is located in the north of Terrina and are marked as yellow on the map.
The "good" guys. These are your typical knights in shining armor, cleric and divine angels.
Esaria has the best armies and rule with security and order. (For the most part.)

Major factions:
Kingdom of Eseria - The center of the alliance and the seat of the supreme archangel. Eseria, even before alliance was formed, was a very diplomatically powerful faction that almost every other Eserian faction was either directly or indirectly allied with.
Vilesia - One of the stronghold factions of the angels.
Hallahem - A dwarven faction that once were an allied to the Jugralia.
Cartas - An economical powerhouse that houses both humans and high elves.

Common races:
Elves (High elves)

Important people:
The Supreme archangel - Greatest of the angels and god of the Eserian people. Her spells can save entire kingdoms and armies from destruction.
Mikahelus - High priest and speaker of the archangel.
Julianne - Powerful angel
Horash - Knight and slayer of undead and demons.

White: 35%
Green & Blue: 25% each
Red: 10%
Black: 5%

The followers of Duxos
"Corruption and control"
The The followers of Duxos is located in the east of Terrina and are marked as purple on the map.
The "bad" guys. These are your typical dread knights, necromancers and demonic demons.
Duxos has the most powerful magic and rule with fear and power. (For the most part)

Major factions:
Ergoth - The faction that holds the blood altar of the arch demon.
Dorous - A human faction that most of the necromancers come from.
Kingdom of Skafhan - One of the larger factions of the vampire race.
The land of the Blight sun - The major faction of the dark elves.

Common races:
Elves (Dark elves)
Skeletons & zombies

Important people:
The prime arch demon - The oldest of the demons and god of the Duxos followers. He is a mighty spellcaster that can ruin entire cities in seconds.
Duxos - An undead dread knight, famous for unifying the worshipers of the arch demon under one realm.
Mathixus - Powerful necromancer and summoner of demons.

Black: 35%
Blue and Red: 25% each
Green: 10%
White: 5%

The coalition of Jugralia
"Destruction and growth"
The The coalition of Jugralia is located in the west of Terrina and are marked as green on the map.
The "ugly/wild" guys. These are your typical barbarians, shamans and ferocious beasts.
Jugralia has the largest beasts and strongest warriors where the mighty rule over the weak.

Major factions:
Tashanha - A vast forest that hosts most of the races of Jugralia.
Jugralia's chosen - A company of beast callers, dragon riders, warriors and druids.
Elves of Jugralia - An elven faction of the Jugralian land.

Common races:
Elves (Wood elves)
Spirits (Wood spirits)
Animals (Boars, birds, wolves, etc.)

Important people:
The arch dragon, behemoth dragon or behemoth arch dragon - The Jugralian god. She might not be able to cast spells like the other two but she is by far the largest and physically strongest of them.
Harvan - Tamer of great beasts
Frihalda - Powerful earth druid
The earth shaker - Huge beast

Red & Green: 30% each
White & Black: 15% each
Blue: 10%

Terrina set symbol. I made these for those that can and want to use them. They are however completely optional.
If you want to, feel free to come with your own ideas for improved, future or additional set symbols that can be used for Terrina.
image image image image

Common: https://i.imgur.com/xfN6yRK.png
Uncommon: https://i.imgur.com/qPlvW90.png
Rare: https://i.imgur.com/9He1KpF.png
Mythic: https://i.imgur.com/YB6K2iv.png


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    The contest - War of Terrina

    Here is what you do to partake in this contest.
    *Step 1: Choose the realm that you want to support/be a part of.
    -The alliance of Eseria, pillar of civilization, order and protection.
    -The followers of Duxos, force of corruption, necromancy and control.
    -The coalition of Jugralia, stampede of power, strength and ferocity.
    (You are only allowed to join one realm and can only make submissions for that side. You can change allegiance anytime but then cards and stories from the old factions will be nullified.

    * Step 2: Create cards and/or factions, characters, events and stories,
    - You can create whatever you think fits the realm you have chosen. This might be what can be taken from the descriptions or your own interpretations.
    - You can create your own factions within the realms and give them history, information and even create legendary characters for that faction or other factions.
    - Your characters can be on almost any level, from slave or farmer to monarch, high priest or other leader of your faction(s).
    - You can create creatures of other creature types than those described above if you think they would fit.
    - When you create a faction, you can define whatever your faction is "closed" or "open".
    (A closed faction is closed for everyone to create characters in or make any alterations to unless permission is given.
    An open faction is open for anyone to create characters in that are not the faction leader. Those I defined in the description are all open factions.)

    - You are not allowed to create any of the gods or any other character created/named by another smith. (unless you are given permission.)
    - You are not to change or alter any already defined factions by other smiths, (unless permitted) Feel free to create servants or others of that faction however.
    - You are not allowed to create characters or factions that reach above a certain "roof level". Example: The roof for you is faction leaders. Everything above that is above the roof.
    Duxos is the leader of the eastern realm so you are not allowed to create a character that is also a leader of the same realm, on the same level or above. (He is above the roof). You are however allowed to create servants, generals and loyalists to him.
    - You are not allowed to limit other smiths opportunities of creation in the open factions. Example: Don't create a general to Daxos and set that general as Daxos' one and only general. (Unless the creator of the faction has defined that there is only one general.)

    *No limitation to the number of entries.
    *No old cards
    *The cards can be of any type and color. (The color distribution for each realm in the description is only a guideline)
    *Cards, characters and factions can be edited or removed at any time before the deadline
    *Try at best possibility to credit the artists or provide a source of the artwork.

    You have three ways to receive points to your faction and realm. These are:
    * Cards - judged on: Flavor, balance, creativity, the usual. (Primary point source)
    * Factions/characters/stories - judged on: flavor, interest, logic, diplomacy/military/providing (Secondary point source)
    * Helping other smiths, helping me, create set symbols, being a good lad or las, (Very minor point source)

    To balance out the unlimited cards allowed, points for cards will be provided in exponential value. Twice as good card = four times as much value.

    The prizes will consist of likes and follows.
    If the popularity is high enough then a place in hall of fame and a trophy will be given.
    The amount have not been determined yet and will be based on.
    - The individual point contribution. (More points, better prize)
    - The position of the joined empire. (1st, 2nd or 3rd)
    - The number of smiths in that empire. (less is more)
    Prizes are not guaranteed, even if your side would win.

    Preliminary deadline at 14th of June

    An additional note. Feel free to use the location of Terrina for your own challenges, contests and sagas.
    If you have any ideas of improvements either to the contest or the setting and its characters, I would appreciate the feedback and critic.

    Good luck and happy smithing and writing!
  • Sounds Fun!
  • I'm likely to participate, have to consider the primary faction I'll join.
  • Count me in as well :D
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    I will play my own minor faction of Eseria, If I am aloud to make one on my own.
    EDIT: Whether or not I can make a minor faction myself, I will be posted at the southernmost outpost of Eseria.
    (Art by Grey-Seagull)
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    So will we create our own minor factions?
    Also, can we use old cards?
  • @KorandAngels Yes you are allowed to make your own faction and even supported to do so.
    @CrafterofTruths You don't have to create a faction if you don't want. You can create cards for already existing factions or have the card's faction be undefined.
    No old cards for this contest. You are however allowed to use cards that are also used in other contests/challenges.
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    I'll make cards for Duxos. For now I'll make cards for different factions if that's okay. I'd like to set the foundations of the coalition before jumping into a faction, for a more top-down worldbuilding :D

    Here's my first contribution ^^

  • I'd usually join Duxos, but I've been enjoying playing my gruul cards lately, so Jugralia!
  • @Jonteman93 Is there any frozen/ overly cold places that I can use to make snow creatures?
  • I will join Duxos!
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    Even though my natural faction is Duxos or Jugralia, I'm probably going to go with Eseria just so that we've got somebody standing for them.
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  • I'm going to join Jugralia. For all of you going Duxos, check out MorkarDFC's Deviantart gallery, it's great art in my opinion, and fitting too. https://www.deviantart.com/morkardfc/gallery/
  • @pjbear2005 You can assume that there is some place of each climate type. Both real and fictional. This world is supposed to be rather "video-gamey" so the logic is not very strict about such things.
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    The brood of the Behemoth Dragon are massive and ferocious wildcards. Even the Jugralian Beastcaller with the most cunning and willpower have trouble convincing them to take a munch on the enemy, and not on the tasty shaman clans that dwell in the thick forests at the heart of Tashanha
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    Card for the Ergoth faction from the Duxos coalition.

  • I'm going Jugralia
    Cards to come
  • Real quick, are all our cards/stories/factions cannon to the overall story?
  • My faction is:
    White Defence
    It guards the southern areas of Eseria, and although the lands often get taken, the forts are consistently Eserian, and hold out completely.
  • @Bowler218
    Terrina as a whole does not have much canon to begin with. Almost everything there is to know about it is in the description at the top. This is due to the setting I want of it to be rather "video-gamey" where actions and re-actions are very simple.
    You guys are supposed to fill up the void which I left empty so yes, your factions and characters will be considered canon. Unless they break the rules or are way too much out of touch even for this setting.

  • Ok, well, even though this is a contest, I'll bring in a character with a story: Laule Gatebow!
    I'll post story soon!
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    Then I shall build a faction of the Dark Elves!
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    The Empire of Sol Tenebrae.

    Capital: Var Hastra

    Motto: Twilight Guides Us

    Overview: Lead by the mysterious and reclusive Queen Meredith, the elven monarchy of the Sol Tenebrae, is the least notorious faction among the main factions that are following Duxos. The main population of the empire is colloquially known as the dark elves, are actually just elves who have different and sinister mindsets from the common wood elves. Although elves with darker skin pigmentation could also be seen among them too. In addition, despite of the widespread practice of necromancy and dark arts among the population and the scorn from the other neighboring kingdoms, the empire is somehow still standing strong because of their unrivaled tactics and strategies of their overall military forces and always battle-ready citizens, that is also powered by their almost unlimited aether resource that came out from the interplanar rift that is steadily being siphoned in their capital city.

    image image
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    Also, I can't see the damned map, boss.

    EDIT: Ok nevermind.
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    Laule Gatebow, chapter 1: The new faces
    Cards shown:

    The sky was dark with clouds bringing a midnight rain. The new Chosen would be sent on their first mission.
    Laule was the first to the meeting spot, a small grove on the boarder to those demon-worshipers. On one side, the evergreen trees were still living, on the other, they looked like massive spears sticking out of the ground, their needles having already decayed into nothingness.
    A few minutes later, Laule felt the presence of another; an elf huntress. He had seen her before, at the ceremony celebrating the new recruits. She had been next to him, but she never talked, at least to him.
    A Chosen's first missions are with two other people, but for hours, no one else came. Until a cracking of sticks and the sound of a mace hitting trees over and over signaled the appearance of their last team-mate, and the mission guide. Helfker was known for his brutality to new recruits and enemies alike. "So he's our mission guide, this'll be fun" thought Laule as the mace knight lumbered over to the two archers.
    "For your first mission, we will go into the enemy's territory and stop one of their patrols coming in. This isn't a training mission, you have a real chance of dying tonight. I expect you to do exactly as I say," Boomed the large man, "They will be going through a valley with two cliffs, you two will set up on ether side and shoot them. Then they won't be able to come in and set up camp on our side of the boarder."
    As the rain lightened up a little, the trio walked out of the grove and into enemy territory.
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    Huntress in the Night

    An arrow just darted overhead.

    A female person could be seen running through a thick, dark forest. Judging by her costume, the person could be described as a forest ranger, who was also an elf due to her pointed ears. Occasionally, she also shooted a few arrows that left in her quiver by using her wooden bow towards her unseen pursuer. Until she ran out of arrows of course. With no sign that they hit their intended target.

    Despite of the ranger's swift movement, her pursuer was even more swifter due to its extraordinary, spidery limbs, as it also could be seen to be jumping between the trees.

    Then a bolt made of dark magic was shot by the shadowy pursuer towards the still running ranger.

    The bolt struck true, and in a sudden the ranger silently screamed and collapsed.

    Her breathing was getting harder as she was also sweating profusely as the dark magic slowly took away her life. She tried to pull the dagger that was hidden in her belt, but her hands were slowly going numb too.

    The dark figure then slowly approached towards her vulnerable position.

    "Such a beautiful face, a shame that it is also short-lived." Spoke a gritty voice of an old lady. A pair of purple orbs also bore into the gaze of the downed ranger.

    "... You... traitor... urgh.." The downed person coughed blood.

    "Tch, I'm just following my own path, my dear."

    Then in a swift motion, the spidery-limbed figure stabbed her wicked blade through the downed person's heart, and it effectively ended her painful condition.

    That night, beyond that murder area, many corpses of various elven rangers were also could be seen scattered around that particular area of the forest.

    Tonight was indeed a good hunt. Thought Kalisa, or otherwise known as a sadistic, cold-blooded, killer, as she licked the bloodied part of her blade.

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    I know I'm making a lot of cards but I just love challenges like this:

    Followers of Nyfxos


    Nyfxos is the younger step brother of Duxos. Nyfxos and his followers are less evil in a sense. They lean more towards mind control than killing and they're a bit more chaotic neutral than evil. Although, they're at peace with the rest of Duxos's followers and have proven extremely loyal and one of the most powerful factions among Duxos, they hold secrets.

    Some believe the merciless killing should be put to an end. These believers think haunting should be restricted to feed, traditions and rituals for the almighty Prime Arch Demon.

    Nyfxos knows that the Prime Arch Demon holds a place by they side for each of their loyal followers in the afterlife, no matter their actions or thoughts. He is no one to judge.

    He will lead, he will protect, and once he gets to Ketralis, nothing will ever be the same.

    Races, Place:

    Any. Followers of Nyfxos are nomads.

    Usually any individual from the coalition that shows "special" powers joins this faction. But it is not mandatory, so this faction has races from all across the region.

    Disclaimer to other Duxos Cardsmiths
    This is an open faction. You may create cards for this faction that are usually blue or that are less evil. Feel free to crossover with your own factions. However, do not create cards for Nyfxos (the leader), thank you ^^ You may have him have any family, friends, lovers (weird but ok) you want I don't mind.

  • Jugralian Lore - Story of the Defiant Roar chap.1

    For a good deal of time, the Jugralian were the underdogs of the three-sided war. Disorganized against the legions of Eseria, and at a large disadvantage against the superior magics of the Duxos miltary, they would moreoften lose ground before their ennemies than win any back. And whenever it happened, it was at great cost.

    The various unified factions of Jugralia managed to hold their ground by sheer strength and numbers, but most of its denizens were diparate, ill-equipped and weak of morale.

    Then, from the isle of Kerfiri (the little green stub of land poking at the bottom left, south of the mainland), arrived a man to unify them all. His name was Loth Sagar, and his past was shrouded in mystery. For some reason however, his name sparked memories of unknown origin, revived lost myths, and the sight of him alone inspired the most craven to dangerous levels of recklessness.

    Presenting himself at [Whatever is the grand council/clan assembly/government] of Jugralia, and pledged victory for the Dragon Behemoth in an oath of blood. His speech enflamed crowds, burning away despair and united small clans, isolated tribes and wild shaman cults into a single force, the Defiant Roar. Loth Sagar since then became a prominent figure amongst the great leaders of Jugralia.


    One of the sub-factions of the roar is the Oaken Brotherhood, a group of dwarven fighters.


    More later.
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