Is it OP?

Are your cards Over-Powered?

Here we talk about if we think if your card is Powerful.

The way this works is you think about a Card you made that you think is broken or powerful, then you post it here so you can see what others think.

If you do, go ahead. If not, read again.


  • @Dom_Rocks, what's Fires of Yavimaya?
  • @Ranshi922 An old card that gives your creatures haste. He's saying it goes infinite with a lot of things. It's also overpowered on its own, it doesn't really need to be infinite to be OP.
  • @strongbelieves, I just thought that making infinite creatures and infinite mana is a little good.
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    Well does that mean that mean that Sporemound is OP?

    Sorry if I’m getting defensive.
  • @Ranshi922, I guess.

    I haven't played Magic: the Gathering a very long time, I'm still learning to play. When I see something that I think is powerful, I believe that it is. Even though it isn't OP.

    And Infinite combos? that's where I get thinking. Sporemound is good, but is infinite? not really. But yours? Yes.

    This is just my opinion, I'm going to try and take this Discussion down in about a hour. Unless someone doesn't want me too
  • If anything, this topic should be used to ask if your own cards are op. It never feels good to call out other people or to be called out on something unprovoked.
  • Sporemound + Life & Limb
  • I agree with Red_Tower.
  • @Ranshi922 Sporemound isn't even comparable to this. It makes a vanilla 1/1 on landfall. This makes infinite mana and creatures with dozens of haste enablers that are cheap and easy to play and can even be played incidentally.

    Disregarding infinite combos are that incredibly easy for this to do, it generates a minimum of one Birds of Paradise per turn. Toss in things like Freyalise, Cryptolith Rite, Earthcraft and even things like new Urza and this turns into an obscene value engine if not simply going infinite.

    At a minimum, it's too powerful. At a maximum, it's an automatic win.
  • I also agree with Red_Tower.
  • In a stunning twist, I also agree with @Red_Tower
  • @Red_Tower, okay.

    Not taking it down. New Thing will be updated.
  • Sporemound + Life & Limb is also infinite creatures and infinite mana.
  • @Ranshi922, yes. I realized that.
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