This Strange Dream I Had (Random Contests That Just Keep Going #1)

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Hello... It's Tommy again...

The biggest problem I had with doing contests was the fact that I'd get caught up and not finish or judge them. So here's a work around; no fixed deadline. This contest is ongoing.

Anyways, I might want to explain what the contest is before I get too far down the road of ranting about the fact that I can never seem to finish contests in time.

The rules are very, very simple.
- Give snippets of dreams or thoughts you’ve had or stories you’ve heard that you think would make good card material. You may do this as many times as you want.
- Then create criteria for the card or set of cards to make (for instance, a set of rules)
- Don't have a dream, thought, or story? Don't fret! You don't need to Submit one to participate.
- Using criteria given by owners of ideas, create the card or set of cards designed around it.
- You may submit cards for ideas regardless of whose idea it is and who else has submitted a card for it.
- You may design up to five sets of cards based on your own ideas and five sets of cards design on dreams submitted by others. This resets at the end of each month.
- Have fun!


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    I'll start first with the dream that inspired me to make this challenge. You might find it a bit coincidental.

    The Dream: In the War of the Spark Reveal, @Corwinnn is revealed as an ally Planeswalker with a gold Planeswalker card of Mythic rarity. (Yes... This is a dream I legitimately had.)
    - Create a multicolored Mythic Planeswalker designed around Corwinnn, with a static ability
    - Allied characters had a cycle of cards called triumphs. Create Corwinnn's Triumph.
    - War of the Spark had a spell for each Planeswalker. Create Corwinnn's
  • While I love this idea, I can't contribute aside from making cards. It's been a long time since I've had a dream that I remembered after waking. The ones I do remember are mundane and only remembered because of how vivid they were.
  • @Ranshi922 Don't worry about submitting a dream if you don't have one to submit. You can still participate by making cards
  • Sweet.
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    I had a very lucid dream recently in which I invited a jolly wizard to my home. Create a card representing this event.
  • I've had a dream of turning into a vampire (several times). The challenge? Create a card of someone being turned.

    Oh, and I'm definitely working on that corwinnn one. Must've been a wild trip.
  • I had a strange, chaotic dream few months ago, so I wrote it down right after I woke up. I don't usually see/remember my dreams, but this one was quite extraordinary. Here's what I wrote that morning:

    A little elven girl in a half-destroyed fortress, watches as her army of elven soldiers are losing their battle against black creatures with long limbs and sharp claws. After hesitating, the girl walks to a throne in the middle of the fortress, and sits upon it, which activates an ancient spell. When the elves are about to lose, they gain strength from the spell, and the bloody battle comes to a point when the creatures surround the last elven soldiers and also the elven girl sitting on the throne. Right after that, everything turns to black.

    After some time, an unknown group arrives to the battlefield. The battle is over, and the dream ends before they could go to the throne.

    I don't really have any criteria, just create whatever you imagined from this.
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    Do nightmares count as well? Well regardless

    Yesterday I had a huge nightmare where I woke up in the room with a crushing feeling on my chest, I struggled to get up and felt sick, I went to the bathroom and cleaned up my face and just as I got finished I felt something was watching me, I looked out from the hallway and I saw a shadow figure with beady glowing white eyes staring at me with a slasher smile I instantly shut the door, locked it, and hid behind the shower curtains, I saw it phase through the door and go right up to the shower curtain, but then it disappeared, when I glanced right I saw its smile right in my face.

    I woke up to find my room pitch black, the power went out.
    - Create a black Enchantment Aura Curse called Malady of Fear
    - Create a black Creature named The Smile
  • @envyreaper Watch the documentary The Nightmare on NetFlix.
  • @Lujikul I'm honestly not sure why I have some of the dreams I have. Well, at least in one universe you can legally play a Corwinnn Planeswalker :3
  • @Tommia - That explains why I woke up tired the other day!
  • @Corwinnn has arrived, called by Ral's beacon! (Requested by @Tommia's dream)
  • I had a strange dream where I was in a 2 - dimensional, pixeleated world. I was a spider that had to save a village of spiders from the evil "Dorito Spider", which was made of doritos.

    that dream made no sense.
  • I had a dream that I was at a waterpark/aquarium for a robotics contest. The aquarium was full of gigantified marine life (a dolphin the size of a whale, for example), and the robotics facility was underneath a water slide and doubled as a government lab.
    - Make one artifact that could be an entry in a robotics contest
    - Make one of the gigantified animals
    - Make a representation of what was happening in that lab.
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    Once I had a dream about a big hairy mammoth person who me and some other people had to seek out so he could answer a question. I actually tried to wright a book about it.
    Challenge: Create a loxodon with a scry or card-draw effect.
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    Here's one inspired by the dream of @TenebrisNemo
  • @DARKSTEEL looks like we had similar ideas for art

    A creature to haunt the nightmares of @EnvyReaper
  • Time for one of my dreams/nightmares.

    A young boy was wandering in the woods near his home by himself. His parents were calling him for dinner, but he didn't hear them and went further into the woods. The further he went, the darker the sky got, and the sound of natural wildlife went quiet. The little boy turned around as he heard a twig snap and saw a hulking, shadowy monster approach and grab him.
    After that, I woke up and looked around for the monster before I got my bearings and calmed down.

    Create a green and black horror creature card.
  • @TheCaptain010

    Here's your horror!


    (Shhh, I know I used Maybe once Mtgcardsmith supports elongenated dashes I will use it for stuff like this.)
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    GUYS!!!! I had one... it was weird though...

    So, you know how the Momir Vig Emblem in MTG Arena can really only work there because of the restrictions of physical cards? Well in my dream, someone had made physical cards that made stuff like that possible. I was invited to play at a tournament and my mother came along just to watch. But then whenever I made a move that was not the best move I could've made, she started yelling at me that I was an idiot. This went on all the way to the finals where I played against my brother who is currently in Italy. I lost and then woke up.

    Do what you want with it. But I have some suggestions for things based on it.
    Something like "Surprise Challenge" an Instant that returns a thing from exile to the battlefield.
    A card called Foolish Victory.
  • @Ranshi922 what’s your criteria?
  • Do what you want with it. I never stopped to consider how it could be represented in cards... But I have an idea that can be one of the things based on it.
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    Update: You can now submit weird experiences and thoughts you’ve had or stories you’ve heard as card ideas.
  • The Dream: In a part of one of my older dreams, my trusty knife crumbled apart in my hand while I was using it, cutting me in the process.

    The Challenge: Make a card based on this event
  • The Dream:
    I was at the STL Arch and it started to crumble, and I went unconscious, when I woke (in the dream) I was in a minecraft-y version of St. Louis, but I had that weird creature from that Skyrim creepypasta that comes if you die and then you see it IRL, well I saw it standing over me, but then a "Friendlyness Pellet" came and hit that creepypasta-thing in the head. Then I was dragged underground into the Photoshop Flowey fight.
    The next nights:
    I was falling in a black void, and about a few hours in, I heard Flowey's laugh.
    I was stuck in the fight every night for a week, until I remembered it was my dream, and instantly the bulldog from CoD Ghosts was in my hands, the Halo shotgun (it was slightly taller, so it was the 12 in the mag version from Halo and Halo 2) on my back and the Ghost from Destiny floating by. I could also see a bunch of things from stuff I like all around me (please note the SD-F1 from ROBOTECH, Votron from Voltron, and a full-enchant-full-diamond Steve from Minecraft) and we obliterated Flowey.
    Now when I sleep, I'll usually just see black all around me with a soft wind blowing. But when I do dream, it always has Flowey and Chara in it.
  • Tommia, I can do the knife thing.
  • Was finally able to trigger a lucid dream. I managed to learn how to walk in the dream, but since the dream was unstable, the most could accomplish was opening a hole in a wall. I never got to see what was on the other side.

    The Challenge: Make a card based on this experience
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    Had a dream where everything and everyone was eldrazified by Emrakul.

    Even the roofs of the houses themselves had weird and wriggly, fleshy tentacles.

    There was no escape, but I kept ran away until I woke up lol.
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