Story Based Plane

Can some people help me write a story with some highlight cards, and then build a block around it? I don't know what I want it to be yet, but I have a couple ideas.


  • What are they?
  • I can help, I have a side job as a professional writer.
  • Is this a plane based off literature, or just a story-making thing?
    because I have discovered which 2 colours would work for each breed of Deltoran dragon.
  • @KorandAngels Just a plane that has a story written before the cards.

    @Drag0n Thanks, once the idea is set, you'll be a good help


    -A world with 5 kingdoms based on the mana colors, similar to Dominaria
    -A world with lots of reptiles (Hydras, dragons, etc) that used to rule over humans, but the major ones have been killed/imprisoned, so it's more of a war than a dictatorship
  • This sounds like if you boil it down and continue to refine it, you end up with Tarkir.
  • @Lujikul


    But what about ALTERNATE HISTORY, where in the THIRD TIMELINE OF TARKIR, the humans and dragons learn to cOeXisT?
  • I like pjbear's second option. How about the reptiles control the plane and the other mammals, but the humans are trying to revolt?
  • @CrafterofTruths I don't like the revolt thing, I'm kind of tired of it after Kaladesh. How about a typical fantasy setting with dragons and hydras and stuff
  • How about this idea for color diversity? It won't be a guideline for all cards, but it's an idea.

    Humans maybe or snake mutants =White
    Anybody who can do magic, or magic items=Blue
    Animal slaves=Black
  • You could add dinosaurs as well, maybe
  • @CrafterofTruths Along with the animal slaves, I wanted criminals that have underground operations and black markets and stuff
  • Dinosaurs sound good, but if you try to balance the set for Modern humans would be a no-go. I like the idea of mercanaries slaving animals for black. This could turn out to be a nice mono-colored set.
  • I think that heir should be 1- and 2-colour factions at the same time, but that isn't really the point.
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    Okay then, I forgot about dinos. New list:
    The first words are the main creature for each color

    Red=Dragons, some dinos, some creatures (goblins, orcs)
    Green=Dinosaurs, some hydras, some dragons, some creatures (beasts)
    White=Creatures that aren't reptiles, snakes and lizards who are "lesser reptiles", mammals (monkeys, horses)
    Blue=Hydras, some intelligent mammals who discovered magic, (monkeys maybe),
    Black=Underworld workers, animal slaves, some creatures and poisonous reptiles.

    1. How does everybody think of the list? What should I add?
    2. What is the name of this new plane? Everybody come up with ideas and we can vote.
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    Here are some ideas instead :

    White : birds, horses, elephants, dragons
    Blue : birds, fishes, krakens, levithans, dragons
    Black : bats, rats, hydras, dragons
    Red : viashinos, dragons, goblins, orcs, hellions
    Green : dragons, snakes, wurms, and some other big stompy things (beasts, crocodiles, etc)

    And yes the dragons are in each color.
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    Yes, that does make more sense.
  • @CrafterofTruths @sanjaya666

    I want it to be somewhat advanced, not before evolution into humanoid mammals.

    Red:Dragons, Ravage Creatures (goblins, orcs, wolves), Barbarians

    Green: Dinosaurs, Hydras, Dragons, Beasts, Elves

    White: Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Birds, Dragons

    Blue: Wizards, Krakens, Leviathans, Spirits, Merfolk, Dragons

    Black: Demons, Humans, Zombies, Spirit, Cleric, Dragons
  • With this, I'd say you can start creating characters (Not cards for them, just character ideas)
  • Well, you are the boss!
    I’ll think of character ideas. I’m in another contest though, so I need to make a card for that first.
  • I had started making a Dragon-themed set once upon a time. I'm also a writer if you some extra writing support.
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    So this is some sort of primitive plane? I'm totally here for it
  • Some Main Protagonists:

    Prince Harrow (W): A young leader of a blossoming human civilization.

    Chevele (WU): An ancient spirit that guides people to try and (insert story goal here)

    Garl (WG): A beast handler that particularly hates dragons.

    Normailn (G): Garl's beast companion.

    Borothor (R): A powerful storm dragon whose ancestor is a Genesis Beast (Extremely power creatures that were birthed with the plane)

    Some Neutral Characters:

    Grabaj (B): Demon more focused on personal gain than good or evil.

    Nrelakwir (U): A genesis beast (leviathan) forced into slumber after a fight with another genesis beast led it to almost die.

    Vidaneer (WR): A dwarf that wanders around forging legendary weapons, may or may not be a lesser genesis beast.

    Some Main Antagonists:

    Radlerin (R): A powerful phoenix that leads a destructive army of goblins and orcs.

    Brokren (BR): An archdemon that has his sights set on the destruction of all living things.

    The Many Headed (G): A genesis beast (hydra) that reigns forests of the plane and preys on lesser creatures. Currently has 97 heads

    We need more villains and neutral characters but feel free to make good guys too, we need some dead and living genesis beasts too
  • Lore making!!!

    Placeholder name: All mentions of the plane should be the name Meogia.

    Neutral Characters:

    Nartiti (BG): Naga elder and chief. Spawn of Krawlathios.

    Krawlathios (B): Genesis beast (Cobra) that felt pity for a tribe of humans and gifted them with his powers. They became the first naga on the island.

    Iorsiot (R): Genesis beast (Dragon) that has not been seen for many years. Many believe that he could be dead. Legend has it, that thunderstorms are him bringing fairness and equality on Meogia.

    Evil Characters:

    Judgment (WB): Corrupted angel that Brokren infected when one of Heliod's angels investigated Meogia. No gods have been interested in the plane since. Judgment acts as Broken's advisor, caretaker, and assassin.

    Those are some creatures. What do you think of them @pjbear2005?

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    Boi; how did I miss this?

    How about

    Ih'grouek (W): Genesis beast (Eagle) that can grow and shrink in size, using this to traverse the space above, and create an army of birds inspired by his might? Yay/Nay?
  • Following this idea,

    His four generals:

    Kerwen, a hybrid white/blue crane

    Kuldur, a hybrid white/black raven

    Feruvim, a hybrid white/red phoenix (secretly a descendant of Radlerin)

    Umgri, a hybrid white/green hawk with life-creating powers
  • Unrelated, do you think there could be a cult around Nrelakwir, and we could use him as a parallel to Cthulhu?
  • @CrafterofTruths I like those, maybe Iorsiot is an enchantment creature?
  • @pjbear2005 @CrafterofTruths

    I second that notion!
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